5 Common College Fresher Types

So its THAT time of the year again when innocent little kids are taking a big step, preparing for entrance exams, and planning the college they want to enroll themselves into. As the contents of CG are suitable for the young clean minds to corrupt, here we help you figure out the types of idiots you might come across in college by sharing with you our “CG Gyaan“.
1) Shopping Devis and Showoff Dudes
So you are in a DU college and any rich private university, the shopping girls have already started shopping for their perfect my-first-day-at-college-i-want-it-to-be-exactly-like-90210-style outfit. And yes, they will scan you from the top to bottom, and judge you by the clothes and accessories you wear.
How to spot them: Generally found in hotpants or skin fit jeans, lots of make up, perfect hair, and expensive bags with more stuff in it.
Places: They generally dominate the loos. You will NEVER see them in the Girls common room.
2) I-Want-To-Be-Popular-Idiots
The kind that never got attention in any form their entire life. They were probably nobodys in their huge schools where the sections just never ended. They hated being alone, but their desperation made them forever alone so they try to please everybody from Day 1. They would not be found easily in a huge college but in a class of 60, I  am sure there must be one or two of those.
How to spot them: They jump like bunnies or little kids on sugar rush. They are unnaturally cheerful and say stuff like “Hiiiiiiii!!! My name is this and I am trying to socialize with everybody.”
3) Atrangi Fashionistas.
funny-dressesNow, I am no fashion expert. I barely look at other people’s clothes. But when you wear absolutely hilarious stuff, no one can not comment about it. So yes you’ll always have ONE person in your batch class depending in the number who’ll dress like a joker and come to college.
How to spot them: They could be wearing a cowboy outfit or a shiny top or looking like a honey bee. They’d stand apart. I promise.
Place: Getting kicked from one group to other.
4) The drinking types
This is something you’ll realise in a week or so that for certain people HANGING OUT means a trip to the bar every bloody time. They fail to realise that you might have parents and the last thing you want is for your parents to ask “Why do you smell like alcohol?”
How to spot them: The ones who you never see in college but just talk on the phone and every time you hear them say “Oye, gaadi mein plan bangaya hai, aaja!”
Places: MyBar, Route 04, OTB, et all.
5) The Lonely Padhakus
They are the quiet types who just don’t know whats going around them, and probably have headphones on, or are reading a book in the corner. These are the kinds who just don’t know where they fit just yet and they miss their comfort zone of school and school friends.
How to spot them: Mellow people, generally seen sitting alone and trying to figure out whom to talk to.
Places: In the background and corners.
There are a LOT more kinds. Some are a blend of the above mentioned types. But the best part of college is that there is every type of person here. You’ll even find your type of crazies if you try. So, good luck and all the best. Study, excel, win … but more importantly HAVE FUN!
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