7 Series That One Should Watch During Christmas

Christmas celebration is huge in west countries but lately India has also been catching up with the tradition. Major reason for that is the vacation that fall during the “season of joy”.

We get super excited before the start of every vacation but when they actually start we are not left with much to do and end up getting bored. So this time in order to keep the Christmas spirit alive, we bring you a list of good TV series to drool watch.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror refers to the switched off TV, laptop and cell phone screens that have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. And reflects the ramifications of our obsessive dependence on these gadgets.

Most of this series can be covered in a few pages itself, but that is exactly how ‘Black Mirror’ stands out from the rest. It’s scary because it is very close to reality and the possible future that humanity will face in the coming years.

Every episode is different from the rest. Not merely by the content of the episodes but the characters, too, are oblivious to the technology or even the world showcased in the other episodes. So every episode shows us something new and out of the box (read hits you in the face).

Penny Dreadful

‘Penny Dreadful’ derives its name from horror magazines/comics or books which were sold for a penny in UK back in the 19th century. John Logan manages to skillfully encompass almost every horror movie antagonist you might be familiar with in Penny Dreadful. Vampires, Frankenstein and his monster (Yeah, Frankenstein wasn’t the monster. Frankenstein was its creator. His monster was called, well, Frankenstein’s Monster), werewolves, witches, apparitions and whatnots. The script is lucid and gains momentum with every new episode.

There won’t be a point when you’d feel cheated cause if feels like the character doesn’t fit the script. No, each and every individual has a very special role to play and that is exactly what keeps you on the edge of your seat. Yeah, the standard to which horror movies have fallen to is abysmal. The routine hot lady skimping around in her underwear, the antagonist with a weapon, a know-it-all protagonist who can save everyone but a token black guy who’s killed off on the very first chance that the writers can squeeze in.

You are in to watch a suspenseful and intelligent movie that’ll make you shiver, you end up watching a run of the mill half-assed movie that makes you groan. This vicious cycle goes on and on, because you are not satisfied by horror movies anymore and eventually you outgrow the genre, defending your stance with the fact that there are no good movies in the pipeline. But Penny Dreadful comes across as the gift you had been waiting for since Jesus died for your sins.

Add this show in your must watch (and first watch) if you haven’t already!


Most of the Christmas traditions have a deep rooted connection with the ancient Yule rituals. Many of these come from the Vikings. At Midwinter, the Vikings used to honor their Asa Gods with religious rituals and feasting. They used to sacrifice a wild boar to Frey, the God of fertility and farming. The meat was then cooked and eaten at the feast. This is the origin of today’s Christmas in Scandinavia. Another Viking tradition was the Yulelog. Yulelog is a large oak log decorated with springs of fir, holly and yew. They carved on the log so that the God saves them from misfortune. Yulelog is the now Christmas tree.

All this makes Vikings an intriguing choice to be watched during Christmas season.

Stranger Things

These days everyone is talking about this Netflix original sci-fi series. I say, now is the time to watch it. When a group of kids set out on a journey to find out what has happened to their missing friend, they discover a mystery that involves many secret experiments, some terrifying supernatural forces and a peculiar girl. With a background of 1980s recollection, the show offers you pretty much. And believe me, once you start watching it, there will be no stopping you.


For Dr. Gregory House, Christmas doesn’t mean anything; henceforth, you observe that most of the show’s season episodes roam around the pessimism of the show’s protagonist. In the episode “Joy to the World”, the way House is forced to embrace goodwill is quite appealing. And all this happens because Wilson challenges him to be good to his patients. House deals brilliantly with the all the cases that arrive in the clinic and his efforts to be friendly turn out to be hilarious. It ends with an all-new take on the Virgin Birth, for House voluntarily believes a patient who claims that she got pregnant without having sex.


“A Very Supernatural Christmas”, the series’ only Christmas episode shows you a violent, twisted, Very Supernatural Christmas indeed. Sam and Dean, brothers who hunt down a variety of supernatural beings and demons, are shown to be in Michigan, where they are assisting a woman whose husband has suspiciously disappeared before Christmas. “Anti-Claus” – the role-reversal of old St. Nick, a concept inspired by legends such as Krampus – leads to the discovery of pagan gods. The scenes are tense with some disturbing stuff included, but it’s covered with the show’s trademark wit. Then there’s also a touching flashback sequence, shown throughout the episode, which is somehow connected to one of Sam and Dean’s childhood Christmases. It gives the episode a certain kind of warmth and merriment.

Modern Family

“Undeck the Halls” of Modern Family proves to be an instant holiday classic, for its heartfelt and funny. The Dunphy clan is the major focus. A burnt spot on their sofa causes Claire and Phil to cancel Christmas plans until one of their children tells them what caused it. Then there’s a twist – but it doesn’t turn out to be the one viewers might be expecting. On the other side, we are shown that Jay Pritchett is trying to introduce his Colombian wife and stepson to his Christmas traditions but  isn’t having much success. While Cameron and Mitchell accidentally destroy the Christmas of a mall Santa by complaining that he’s ‘not jolly enough’. These three stories are suited perfectly to the characters. There isn’t any weak link to be found. Fred Willard gives a shining guest performance as Phil’s dad.

Happy Watching For The Holidays!

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