A Mad Man’s Monologue – The Mad Man Returns

Act-2, Scene-1 (Click here for the previous episode: A Mad Man’s Monologue)

The Mad Man Returns:

The bus moves at a constant pace. The Indian Countryside keeps shifting. The trees move behind with same pace. Relativity. Am I moving. Or that house. Relativity. It is a bitch. Time Frame. Frame of View. A board comes. An advertisement. Dr. Pal. Sex Specialist. Claims to cure everything. Will recharge sexual drive. Yes. We need cure. But from overindulgence. Too much libido. Who is Dr. Pal? A quack? Maybe. But his name. It is everywhere.

A race of fools we are. A con job is easy. The bus stops. A man gets on it. A tiny bottle of oil in hand. He speaks for 10 minutes. The oil has powers it seems. Can cure a lot. His style repetitive. He knows he sells a lie. But he is a veteran. An experience of a 1000 sales pitches. He sells 15 bottles.

I look around. I see people. People devoid of rational thinking. They believe what they are told. Or refuse to question why. ‘Why’ has a single syllable. But is the most powerful. A simple word. Why. It shuts up many.

But do we ask? No. We follow like sheep. Blinded by stupidity. The idol drinks milk. Gandhi dances in a photo. Hanging of freedom fighters. All lies. No one checks. They share. Click a button. It is easy. You get comments. You get more famous. Tweet it. Everyone else is. You get more followers. Boast about it now.

It makes us cool. But the knowledge reduces. I have the Fight Club in hand. The book. Dark story. Grittier than the movie. But hardly anyone knows. Tyler, YES. Ed Norton, YES. Chuck Palahniuk, NO. Hardly anyone reads. Couldn’t care less. Takes time. Too much effort. Why bother? There is a torrent. Mention book. Get strange looks. Latest victim, Stieg Larsson.

Election season approaches. Same choices. Same promises. They come again. Once every four years. Riding a high horse. Rahul Baba in UP. Congress has hopes. Last year, he did much. Dined and slept at many houses. The sister is there. Everyone cheers. They cheer her. Not the party. She asks for votes. No one asks why.

Punjab. 7 lakh bottles of whiskey. Barter for votes. The state is high. Again the same choice. But voters keep increasing. Who will win? No one cares. No one bothers. They are high. The land is parched. Water level falling. The people are high. A bottle drops. The spirit spills. The ground drinks.

Parliament in session. 3 ministers watch porn. Caught on camera. Lame excuses. An 8 year old could do better. News channels get a story. The story repeats. On loop for a day. Anna makes a demand. Mayawati covers statues. Mamata makes a speech. A hospital burns. Minors are raped. Aaj Tak is rabid. India TV delirious. Public hue and cry. Promises are made. Tomorrow is voting day.

The cancer spreads. Another poster. Claims to cure cancer. Miracle drug. Cancer gone in 4 weeks. Prove otherwise. Get Rs 1 crore. BJP says the same. Calls it Cow Piss. Miracle drug. Only difference. They don’t offer prize money.

The bus starts. Oil seller gets down. Promises refund if not satisfied. Everyone happy. Those who buy and those who sell. Promises make everyone happy. Doesn’t matter if it is fake. No one remembers. No one cares. The farce goes on. Relativity is back. The Frame of view.

……………Who is Dr. Pal?


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