Welcome! To what? What is this? Why are you here? We know that right now, all the W’s and H’s questions must be running through your mind.

You are here because of the innate quality every homo sapien has – The desire to be entertained! We being happy and high all the time (surprisingly not because of alcohol/drug/smoke or any substance abuse) thought that it’s time we did some social work and thought about other people’s happiness and lifting their mood.

So we present to you this!


Laugh with us coz we sure are gonna make you laugh!

Disrespect with us coz we sure are gonna disrespect the world!

We live by one rule with a lot of interpretations:

“We don’t care”, “Who gives a f*ck?”, “I don’t give a rat’s ass”. Take your pick!


If u share the attitude then come aboard. Here you will find words that will satiate your everyday need of wildness! Sarcasm is something we swear by. Whacky is the medium. Harsh are the words. And as a great pimp once said, “Entertainment is Guaranteed.”

World is a whore.. World is a bitch.. World is a shit hole full of maggots.

We are the sex.. We are the positions.. We are the condoms.. and We are the orgasms.

We are the force.. We are the now.. We are the patriots.. We are the next PMs

We are the youth of this awesomely magnanimous nation – BHARAT!

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