An Open Letter To The One Who Has Vowed To Irk- Shobha De

Dear Ms. De,

Somehow over the years you have managed to travel to the bad side of the readers. And let’s face it, you don’t really put in a lot of thought into your words. You always comment on topics you are quite ill-informed about. Your idea about your stature as a Page 3 socialite/journalist and an impeccable sense of fashion is miscalculated. You seem pretty confident of your knowledge of current affairs too. (I wonder, why?) First, you body shamed a woman who came to our country as a guest. Why would you do that to another woman? And now you had the audacity to say:

Who died and made you the in-charge of reality check?

Ok, let’s focus on your most recent tongue in cheek moment. The athletes who have gone to Rio are the one are on the top of their games on the national charts. These are the ones who have trained and have worked hard since their childhood to reach where they are. You definitely are no sports expert. Let me ask you this – when was the last time you won a medal in any sporting event? Oh yes, you learned to walk in heels to be a model and became a “novelist”. A novelist who can just talk about sex and has brought a fairly mediocre magazine, Stardust, to popularity. My Bad.

The athletes whose selfie moments you are so irked by, have done more than what you did at their age. One of the athletes celebrated her 23rd birthday today. Despite her state being one of the most underdeveloped and neglected in the country, she is out there representing India in the finals. She is not sharing this day with her family. The Indian swimmers are competing with the likes of Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky and that is a big deal. The whole country had held its breath when their event was on. The man who won India her first individual gold medal after 40 years in 2008 is a part of that contingent. Maybe none of the others including the athletes I’ve talked about have won a gold yet, but I can tell you that each and every youngster is proud of them for reaching where they are.

I would like to state here the accolades that Abhinav Bindra, Dipa Karmakar, Gagan Narang have brought. Also, that the Indian Hockey team (both men and women), Dattu Bhokanal, Heena Sindhu, Leander Paes, Sajan Prakash, Shivani Kataria are the ones who have competed bravely until now. There are many who still have the hope to win India her medals in Rio. I would love to inform you of more names but I don’t think you will even care to know those.

Just because you have a pen doesn’t mean what you write shall be worth reading. You really need to rethink your writing strategy. Let alone asking you to keep an open mind boo, the way you talk, you need to keep that clump of grey matter of yours open to sensibility. Your petty little comment about athletes not getting medals makes it sound like they did not try at all. Apparently, you think they liked losing there or coming close to winning and then losing? Or that they wanted to be beaten by their idols? No.

But they competed to the best of their abilities, nonetheless. They put on a strong face for their country even after losing so that their fans and country men wouldn’t cry with them. I’m so proud of them for this. Their performance makes me proud despite of the medal tally because they have gone against all odds to deserve to be called “Olympians”.

Each one of these athletes has earned every bit of our respect. I’m proud that we have athletes who are putting India on the map. It’s the largest ever contingent that has gone to the Olympics from India. They have worked hard for their career unlike you who thinks that hosting chat shows and moving around with celebrities is a big deal, because it isn’t. Rakhi Sawant is doing it too.

So the next time you open your twitter account or feel like writing an article, think before you pen your thoughts down. They are definitely not gold and we don’t care for mud hurls. It’s a different thing when you are unable to say anything good for someone. Okay, you don’t support someone. But, it’s just mean when you publicly slam someone. And, let’s just say that the people you chose to slam don’t have the liberty to live an aimless life that centers around looking half their age while voicing ill-informed opinions. They train, they work hard trying to make our country proud.

The next time you feel like insulting someone, pen it your personal diary. Because this is a generation that isn’t afraid to put you in your place.

Warm Regards,

A sports fan, a girl and an Indian who is quite frustrated with your crap.

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