All Rise And Purr As Mr. Mayor Makes His Enterance

A penguin walking down a line of troops, as if he/she/it (more on this later) was inspecting them. That’s the eye stopping scene I encountered when I popped open the TV a few days back. Turns out the penguin was doing exactly that. The penguin aka Sir Nils Olav III had just been promoted to the position of Brigadier in Norwegian Army and the soldiers were offering him a salute. He even received an emblem.

Here I can’t seem to get promoted to the position of not-likely-to-loose-her-job from as-important-as-an-amoeba, while a penguin reaches such lofty heights? Though, no disrespect meant to Sir Nils Olav III. Now you get why I was confused between he, she and it? You can’t call a brigadier “it”, can you?

This started me on a furious few hours on Google, trying to find if more such “respected” animals existed. Lo and behold, they do. There is whole Wiki page titled non-human electoral candidates. So, without further ado here are some animals that are definitely doing better in life than you are. *So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyyy*

• Cormorant, Minnesota

It seems dogs are favourite everywhere. For a third time, Great Pyrenees (a species of dog) has been elected as a mayor of this small town. For the past three years, the dog or Duke (as they call him) has culminated the elections with a massive win.

• Xalapa, Mexico

You need a bit of a background to understand the depth of the next person ummm animal ummm candidate. The denizens of the capital city of the state Veracruz ‘politely’ nicknamed their politicians “Rats”. Some of them thought who better to get rid of “rats” than a cat? And look who we have – Morris The Cat was put up as a candidate for the next Mayor of the city. The motto of Morris’ campaign? “Xalapa Without Rats”. Morris may have failed to win the candidacy, but he/she/it (what’s the correct form of addressing a Mayoral Candidate?) definitely had massive support.


• Varna, Bulgaria

How many times have you called a politician an a$$? The people of this town could literally mean it. Back in 2011, Marko the Donkey represented the party Society for New Bulgaria for the election of the Mayor. What did Marko promise? To keep a “mulish determination” and get the work done!

• Louisiana & Kentucky

Not the past and not just a small level candidate. Let’s talk about who the people of these two states think would make a better President of the United States of America in the coming term. A fish and a cat respectively. Mr. Crawfish B. Crawfish (innovative fish name) actually gave an interview where he/she/it said the campaign will focus on 3 key areas – people, education and environment. Limberbutt McCubbins, the cat, is a tech savvy nominee and has an actual website!

• Argentina

No good human candidate? Put up an animal for the election. This I understand. Animals make good contenders because they are generally straight forward. But, a cartoon? Now that’s just stretching it a bit. Clemente, a cartoon of a bird that is seemingly without wings, was a write-in candidate for the President of Argentina in 2001. When you read the situation surrounding the election, you will surprisingly agree with the people choosing a cartoon as the next President.


What does it say about us when we would rather elect a duck as the mayor of a town than an actual human? Not too good. Or maybe we have evolved as people to a level where we have realised that animals would make a better hash at it than the Homo Sapiens.

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