App Review: IHeartRadio – Stream World Music Offline

Isn’t it irritating when you want to listen to good music but you’re limited by the barriers of data connection? As a result, the ‘gaana’ takes a lot of time to buffer due to slow data connection. The ‘mix radio’ doesn’t have much mixes to present for it and only upgrades in WiFi zone. Also, music seems like ‘saavn ka mahina’, just like when there is monsoon there is rain, whenever there is WiFi then only you’ll get to listen to good music. It just kills your interest. Well, a solution to that problem is IHeartRadio app.


IHeartRadio is one of the topmost music streaming apps that gives you access to over 800 radio stations from across the world. It has this fanciful option where users can curate their own custom stations based on their preferred bands, artists or songs. With this IHeartRadio app, you can listen to radio stations that suits almost every taste. And, the best part is that you don’t need any sort of data connection or WiFi connection for this app.

The interface itself is a very simple with user-friendly experience. Like some other apps that you’ve come across, you begin by signing up with an email account or your Facebook account. Or you can simply opt out of that initial screen and begin right away. Once signed in or opting out of registering, you’re faced with the iHeartRadio home screen. In a pretty cool handwritten style font, it walks you through setting up the app for the first time. You can begin right away by manually searching for radio stations or can try creating your own station.


Searching for radio stations is very effortless. You are initially given canned options such as searching locally, for specific cities, or by genre (News/Talk, Sports, Rock, Metal, etc). Once you find a station you think you might like, you can simply select the station. It will begin buffering, and play will begin shortly thereafter. It will also suitably display the cover-art of the song/album. Once you are listening to the selected station, you are given even more options. By selecting a little “+” sign, you will be given with the option to create a custom station based on the style of music and artist that is currently playing. So if you’re rocking Metallica, it will create a custom station tailored towards the song that’s playing and bands like them – again based on the song that’s playing, not necessarily the band itself. Other options on this same screen will be Save Station so you can quickly access it later, View Artist Bio, View Lyrics, and an option to Buy from Amazon MP3. However, in order to create custom stations and save stations, you will have to log into either your email account or Facebook. Another nice feature iHeartRadio offers is an option to Scan. This option works just like the Scan button on your car stereo except it doesn’t just scan local, strong stations. It scans similar stations across the world. One press of the button and you’re listening to a similar station in New York. The next press of the button will take you to Seattle, all while happening almost immediately.


This app claims more than 18 million songs by over 400,000 artist and thousands of live-streaming radio stations. Custom radio allows you to create a station based on a song or singer you like, and may include explicit content depending on the songs or artists you choose. To use custom radio, you have to first connect to Facebook, and iHeartRadio asks to access your basic profile information (name, profile picture, gender, networks, friend list, and other details).


A snag with this app is that you will even have to listen to advertisements. Also when listening to a station, many of the buttons say that they are inactive even though they are not. One can double tap on them and the actions will be carried out. Not all the stations are involved with this app, but more are being added every day.

So, go on, start listening to live radio at any time of the day with IHeartRadio app.

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