Ask For Help If It Lasts For More Than 2 Hours!

sleepAt first I was okay with it. I thought it would get okay with time. But now it has really started to make me sceptical. Each morning, I wake up with a problem that’s really hard for me. I just can’t recall the time when I used to have soft, calm and relaxing morning. It’s all gone now and the worst thing about is that it lasts more than freaking 2 hours. Can you imagine that? 2 hours of hard morning. That’s really terrible.

Yeah, Right. My neighbours are really terrible human beings. Each morning they wake up at around 6:00 AM and they make sure I know about it. They start mowing their lawn early in the morning making the already hard life harder. If that was not enough, he starts playing music for the whole colony to hear like he is a fucking D.J. and that involves using the loudest instruments ever known to mankind.

This is still tolerable but what would you do when you hear the constant loud moaning from the driveway and interestingly that moan is loud enough to wake you up on a peaceful Sunday Morning. Come on, who does that on a driveway and that too for one continuous hour and sometimes it lasts for around 2 or 3 hours too if they are hot. I agree, they have got a great stamina but why show it to everyone.

I know it’s difficult sometimes to control your urges but why does it have to be the first thing in the morning and why do I have to deal with this? Do it in your bedroom or do it in your balcony. Buy a yoga mat for God’s sake to do your “Yoga” thing and stretch there as much you want. No one wants to hear your continuous annoying moan.

I am sorry you have to listen to all the whining about this. But what can I do? I am trying to be a good neighbour here, but they really don’t give a damn about my needs. So one fine day, I took up the courage to stand up to him and inform him of his deeds but things really turned ugly for me. I still can’t understand why. Maybe you can help me. Here goes the conversation.

Me: Hey, I wanted to discuss some problems I am having with your family. The sound of your wife moaning every morning wakes me up acting as an alarm for me and that in turn gives me really hard mornings.


No, he really didn’t say anything. He looked at me for 10 seconds and kicked me on the nose. What’s wrong with him? I could have died. I was just try to discuss my problems and it fell into deaf ears and I also got a surprise in return. Humanity is totally screwed now.

After that ungrateful day, I decided that I am not going to tolerate that for more than 2 hours. Lets see how that goes. If that happens, I would report to the police with the statement of similar nature or Do I need to change that? Naah, No. It’s perfectly well thought.

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