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India of today is going through manifold problems – Corruption, Terrorism, Naxalism, Appeasement, Infiltration, Kashmir issue; you name it and we have it. How are we going to tackle all this? India needs another revolution but do we clearly understand the term revolution. In this part we are showcasing the thoughts of Bhagat bhai on ‘Revolution’ – 


“Revolution does not necessarily involve sanguinary strife, nor is there any place in it for individual vendetta. It is not a cult of bomb and the pistol. No doubt, they play prominent part in some of the movements, but they do not – for that very reason – become one and the same thing. By ‘Revolution’ we mean the present order of things, which is based on manifest injustice, must change. People generally get accustomed to the established order of things and begins to tremble at the very idea of a change. It is this lethargic spirit that needs to be replaced by the revolutionary spirit.”


The above said words about people resisting change are true even in today’s scenario. In so many years, we have become habituated to bomb blasts, scams, infiltration, poverty, ignorance. If there is a terrorist attack, we will gather and take a peace march to India Gate or Azad Maidan or Freedom Park. If there is a scam leak out, we will gather and take out a candle light march. Why do we prefer to ignite a candle when there is a clear need to ignite ourselves? Why do we opt for a peace march? With whom are we trying to make peace? 


Bhagat Singh further said –


“Producers or labourers, in spite of being the most necessary element of society, are robbed by their exploiters of the fruits of their labour and deprived of their elementary rights. The peasant who grows corn for all, starves with his family; the weaver who supplies the world market with textile fabrics, has not enough to cover his own and his children’s bodies; masons, smiths & carpenters who raise magnificent palaces, live like pariahs in the slums.”


Just think for a second – All the abovesaid exists even now in this free & modern India. So, are we really free? Is every Indian enjoying this so called freedom? By any means we don’t intend to show any disrespect towards our freedom. No doubt, we have got this freedom because lots of people with nerves of steel did not care about their lives or family; but we are very sure they never desired India to be like this. Don’t be surprised if there is another uprising or revolution which will change the social order once again.


There are few historians, who fondly came up with a term ‘Revolutionary terrorism’. Perhaps, we think these people and our government is not aware of what the term ‘Revolution’ meant for Bhagat Singh. Let us refresh their memory.


“When we talk of revolution, we do not mean what is commonly and mistakenly understood by the word. Bombs & Pistols do not make a Revolution. That is not our understanding. The sword of Revolution is sharpened on the whetting stone of ideas, and this is what we wished to emphasise. Revolution is the means to end the miseries brought on by the capitalists’ wars. It is inappropriate to pronounce judgement without understanding a person’s aim and the means to achieve it. To associate our name with ideas that we consider to be wrong is injustice. Revolutionaries, by the virtue of their altruistic principles, are lovers of peace – a genuine and permanent peace based on justice and equality, not the illusory peace resulting from cowardice and maintained at the point of bayonets. If the revolutionaries take to bombs and pistols, it is only as a measure of terrible necessity, as a last recourse”


For the matter of fact, above lines show how much these historians know about our history. Here, we would like to state that Mughal & British history is not our history. Our history is something else. It comprises of many glorious events & brave souls who are either ignored or labelled as a terrorists or lunatics. We will never be able to understand from where anyone can pick the essence of terrorism and label these patriots as terrorists. Stop ruining our history! We don't want to dwell in the past. We want to take inspiration from it to make our future better.


Our coward neighbours attack us 365 days in a year. And how do we retaliate as a nation– We initiate peace talks in the name of international pressure. Who can put a pressure on the nation of 125 + crores? Our so called another neighbour is busy sending their people to India by illegal means or in the name of livelihood and what our leaders are doing – They are accepting them happily because it helps them in vote bank politics. Our so called leaders are either too busy in raking moolah or totally clueless about the situation. Our PM prefers to keep silent over issues of national importance and he is even proud of it. The one who speak, speak   without being in touch with the ground realities or to appease others. So from where will the revolution come? How will we stand-up and turn the things upside down? We can’t afford to be failed nation of 125 crore citizens. We cannot disappoint and disrespect all those who got us this freedom with their blood and sweat.

'Inquilab Zindabad'

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