A Year That Was : A Compilation Of 2016’s Biggest FU Moments

The Mayans predicted 2012 as the year of apocalypse, the year the whole earth would come to an end and human civilization would be destroyed. While we did seem to survive 2012, four years later, 2016 was the year we really wanted for the prediction to come true. Thus we went ahead and collected proof of the things because of which we deserved extinction.

Here’s a list of some things that happened in 2016 that were nothing short of massive brainfarts. These made us wonder what the hell was even going on:

1. PPAP :

I have a pen, I have an apple. UGH (weird knife plunging motion) APPLE PEN.  Pen-Pineapple–Apple-Pen, or PPAP, as it is better known, is a single by Piko Taro. Taro is a fictional singer/ songwriter created and portrayed by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka. Released on August 25, it went viral within a few days of its release and had been viewed over a hundred million times as on November 7th. According to Kosaka, inspiration for the song hit him when “he picked up a pen to write the song while thinking about apples, and a can of pineapples was open infront of him.” #WOW. Seemed like Gangnum 2.0 for a while there.

2. Sonam Gupta :

If you’re on any kind of social media- Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter, then you know what we’re talking about. The words “SONAM GUPTA BEWAFA HAI” (Sonam Gupta is unfaithful) went viral when they were seen scribbled across various currency notes. The joke went one step further when the words continued to appear on the new currency note of Rs 2000 right after demonetization. We still don’t understand what all the fuss was. But damn, it was awesome while it lasted.

3. Pokemon Go:

This one needs no introduction. Rigtht from kids aged twelve to adults in their early thirties, people of all ages could be seen walking , running and jumping with their phones in their hand, looking for, yes, Pokemon. Nintendo, the creators of the game added various features like pokemon battles and gyms, which ensured that players were always hooked on to their phones. As a result, many companies put up notices particularly banning the game.

4. Demonetisation :

We’d all heard of devaluation of currency. But an announcement by PM Narendra Modi took the whole nation by surprise when he announced on November 8th that all notes of Rs.500 and 1000 were going to be useless in a span of less than four hours. The demonetisation drive was a perfect example of how one badly implemented idea could literally take lives.

With more than 62 roll-backs in a time span of fifty days, the scheme was an irritant. Millions of people stood outside banks everyday, so as to be able to withdraw their own hard earned money, with the people belonging to the lower economic strata being the worst hit. While the GDP is said to have already reduced by 2%. Economists say India will suffer more loss in the next two years.

5. Brexit:

An abbreviation for “British exit”. The term refers to a referendum conducted on June 23rd. Hereby British citizens voted to exit the European Union. Followed by this Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and was succeeded Theresa May. The value of the pound hit thirty years, with many economists predicting a recession. Ultimately many Multinational companies having their headquarters in London had to pack their bags and move out.

6. Leonardo Di Caprio’s Oscar :

The internet exploded when Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar on February 28th. His “Oscar curse” was broken when he won for his role in the movie “The Revenant”. Jokes, trolls and memes, you name it and it was there . Many even continuously replaying the clip of him being announced the winner.

7. Donald Trump:

An efficient, reliable and accomplished leader, umm, was rejected by the United States of America as they chose condemned themselves to Mr. Trump as their 45th President. He was elected for accomplishments like being racist, sexist and occasionally indulgent in remarks signifying that neither consent nor logic rank high in his priorities. While it could actually be fun to watch USA self-implode, we must remember  who has access to nuclear codes.

8. Hodor:

Chivalry will never be the same again. With “hold the door” being etched in the minds of every Game of Thrones’ fan, it was heartbreaking. The latest season of the show saw a beloved character, Hodor, meet a painful, selfless end as viewers got to simultaneously understand his origin story. Thus, Hodor’s death was met by howls of outrage that can almost qualify as the theme track of the George RR Martin universe. Hold that door, my friend. We miss you.

9. Alan Rickman:

In other news of unbearable endings, Alan Rickman, famous for being a real life playing Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series, passed away at the age of 69. One of the most talented and beloved British actors, with a singular voice to match, he left a hole in the acting world. One that cannot be filled. He was the perfect Professor Snape, and shall remain so. Always.

10. Gurugram:

In a strategic move to eliminate all infrastructural and safety problems, Haryana government decided to rename Gurgaon to Gurugram. It worked like a charm. However, just the way cleaning your room by shoving everything under the bed does. New problems have arisen, however. No South Delhiite will ever be able to check in or use a Gurugram geotag.

11. Aleppo:

In a tragic failure of international relations, the Syrian city of Aleppo was finally wrested from rebels by the Russians and the Syrian Government. This move caused a massive loss in civilian life. Meanwhile the evacuations were first denied and later delayed. With non intervention from powerful Western countries, Aleppo became a highlight. Consequently we saw just how helpless international institutions truly are, in 2016.

12. Damn Daniel:

If you do not know how to complement someone, this video is for you. After an incredibly annoying and viral video about a boy complementing his friend’s “swag“, Damn Daniel went from being a phrase, to a lifestyle, and to a lawful justification for murder. Watch it here if you haven’t already and then reflect on your life choices as you realize that the people involved have been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Shaking your head in disbelief? Trust us, so are we. Rather if there was  ever a proof of the fact that the human race is nearing self destruction at an alarming speed, it was probably the year 2016. 2016, you were truly, a nightmare that stretched too far, with no dearth of moments that made us go WTF? The silver lining here, however, is the thought that there’s nothing that can happen in the next year that can go worse (or are we speaking too soon?).

Here’s hoping 2017 turns out to be good. Especially nothing like it’s predecessor. *Fingers crossed!*

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