Black Men Own The World

Racism has always been one of the talking points in the history of mankind. From back in the centuries when the black was made slave and treated worse than an animal, to the modern day when the black guy is not nominated for Oscars; racism just seems to stoop to a lower level with each passing year. Twice it has been now that the Oscar Academy has not nominated any black guy for any of the twenty categories. This is an absolute outrage. How the hell can they not show racial diversity on the platform that the world looks up to? Whoever said that you have to earn your nomination? Nah! Why earn it when you can fight for it? Actually, why fight for it when you can just point the finger at random things and tag them racist and start a movement where other pseudo intellectuals join you and decide to shun the most coveted award show.

Let’s keep the opinions at bay for a while and look at stats. Hard, cold stats. The black people constitute about 13% of the population in the US. That means there’s one black person for about 8 white people in the US. In the past one decade, from 2006-2015, 9% of all the Oscar Nominees have been black people. This means for every 11 actors nominated for the Oscar, one of them has been black. Is there a pattern here? Yes, there is. It’s simply called minority. Not racism.

So let’s not get all ruffled up that no black people have been nominated, cause guess what, the nominations are not based on skin color. Being black does not give you the right to automatically become the victim. No. Oscars (and the nominations) are given to people who are actually good at their craft and  put in the work and effort to make the list. Of late, “racism” has taken a rather interesting turn. A black man can never be racist, because he’s black. A white man is always racist, because he’s white.

“Racism will never end as long as white cars are still using black tyres! Racism will never end as long as we still wash white clothes, then other colours later! Racism will never end if people still use black to symbolise bad luck and white for peace! Racism will never end if people still wear white clothes at wedding and black clothes at funerals! Racism will never end as long as those who don’t pay their bills are black-listed, not white-listed! Even when playing the Pool (Snooker) a player will not win until he sinks the black but the white ball must remain on the table! BUT I DON’T CARE, SO LONG AS I AM STILL USING THE WHITE TOILET PAPER TO WIPE MY ASS! With that only, it will always be very FINE!”

These fine and intelligent words were spoken by the President of Zimbabwe, Dr. Robert Mugabe. Read them once again. Once more now. Apart from being incredibly stupid, does it not seem racist toward white people? But hey, racism against the white isn’t racism. It’s “fight back”. Yeah. Points for equality.

Well, taking the argument further, we should all just boycott all the Olympics run. There wasn’t a single white athlete taking part in it. What’s more? All the 100m records are in Usain Bolt’s name. He’s black. Damn! Racism all around. At least one record should have been awarded to a white dude. And can somebody remind me which ethnic group is famous for having the longest dong in the world? Yeah, you guessed it. Racism all around. Even from God.

Reverse-RacismWhat’s surprising is that this is happening in the land of the free, the  country whose goddamn President is black. Yes, the blacks have been suppressed in the past and yes, they have suffered grave injustice. But screaming racism at everything that just does not go according your wish is just as unjust. Racism has become the talking point of the world. If you’re accused of racism, you’re not just accused; you’ve been pronounced guilty. WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan lost his career because he uttered a sentence that hinted at racism. NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was sacked because a personal clip of his got leaked in which he had made kind of a racist remark. Men losing their entire careers because of a racist remark might seem like an over reaction, but not totally out of order.

But in the modern world, it seems like racism is a one directional flow. You won’t be called racist if you are a human of color, but lord save you if you are a white man. It’s called ‘Reverse Racism’ when a white person is facing racism from the hands of colored people. Now this term in itself means nothing. Racism is racism, be it whites against black or the other way round. Simply being white does not make you a racist and being a person of color does not make you a ‘non-racist’.

Saying all this does not mean that racism is a thing of past and blacks and other ethnic minor groups do not face racism anymore. The reality is that they do. But this does not mean that they are free to play the racism card as per their convenience, neither does it mean that they can not be racists themselves. Racism is a serious topic, let’s deal with it as such.

Finding racism where there is not, is also racism.

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