Champions League Preview : CG style

“There are men, there are great men and then there are great men whose lives are fleeting poetry in motion”


Champions league

Jose Mourinho’s objective when he took over Real Madrid in 2010 was simple; knock Barcelona off their perch. In his first year, he beat them in the Spanish Cup, in his second he anal raped them in the league and in his third and what will be his last game at Real, he will rip Barca apart limb from limb in the Champions League Final at Wembley.

Champions league semi-final draw:

-Bayern Munich v F.C. Barcelona

-Borrussia Dortmund v Real Madrid

Yes there is the small matter of those two German powerhouses between Real and Barca who have played a fearless and ridiculously awesome brand of football so far, but they are out of their depth here. They’re good and all; but the two Spanish teams are sexier. It’s like comparing every hot woman in the world with Megan Fox, they’re nice and pretty but they’re not Megan Fox!

And frankly, Ronaldo and Messi going to war at the greatest stage of them all is what everyone wanted all along.

Dortmund’s run in this year’s Champions league has been a decade in the making since near bankruptcy in 2003. Manager Jurgen Klopp has built the team in his image; aggressive and swashbuckling, with mostly home-grown stars headlined by Mario Goetze and Bayern reject Mats Hummels. They’re a young team who haven’t been in the competition this far in before and their exhausting pressing game will be detrimental on those bodies. They also should be emotionally drained after THAT 3-2 win over Malaga. It was a match which caused about 200 heart fails in all of Europe…Seriously

Bayern Munich is like a tank which is hell bent on destroying everyone in its path, and destroying it with style. They play the game efficiently and at a pace which is difficult to match and defend. The problem with Bayern this year is the same which has been for some time now, they’re arrogant and they lack an edge. It’s this lack of killer instinct which nearly allowed Arsenal to mount a miraculous comeback in the round of 16 and everyone remember what Chelsea did to them last year, the author salutes the courage of Bayern players as they actually got out of their beds and played football again after that kinda humiliation at home.

So here’s the prediction:

-Real beat Dortmund because Ronaldo is just that awesome

-Barca beat Bayern with the help of referees

In what has been one of the most carefully planned careers in modern history Jose Mourinho hasn’t learnt to lose. This dude wins every fucking thing every fucking where and does it with panache and poetry. He will want to win the La Decima and stand atop the management world as the greatest of all time.

Barca are super charged emotionally after the return of their in house cancer patients  Vilanova and Abidal. They would want to prove they can win big without Guardiola and grandeur of beating Real would just be the icing on the cake.

An El Classico Final awaits us:

Real Madrid against F.C.Barcelona

Ronaldo against Messi

Jose Mourinho against the World

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