This Guy Has To Say Something About Chetan Bhagat And We Think It Makes Sense

Webester’s Dictionary defines Chetan Bhagat as “the opposite of the term Sapiosexual“. The man is a living example of ‘Do whatever you want to do, man’. *Ultimate exhaustion*. He has written books, judged dance shows and now he’s even on a weird couple matching celebrity show. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with his area of expertise (which is……Well…..).

Anyhow, book launch or not, C-Bag is usually quite popular on Twitter. So much so that he’s been trolled for just existing. Even when he’s not saying or tweeting something stupid, he gets trolled. Anyway nowadays parody videos, book reviews and sketches are the usual talk of the town. They’re usually about the same jokes on his content supremacy or how he lacks good content and further bla. However, we have just unearthed this treasure of a video.

Recently a video came along which gives us a new insight into just what Chetan Bhagat’s idealogy behind writing a novel is. We were first amused by the title of the video. Then we watched it. Believe us, never have we come across a video so vivid on description on CB’s thought process.

Right from highlighting the journey of a Chetan Bhagat book till the potential use of these books. This video has it all. So much so that, the video does a comparison between the social media followings of PonrHub and Chetan Bhagat. *weird, right?*


CB’s latest One Indian Girl is once again an example of a poorly written desibaba version of “apparently” sex. This must have irked Appurv enough to come up with this video.  Just picture the making out scene between Uday Chopra and Tanisha in the movie Neal and Niki and imagine someone describing it to you in depth. This is that, only slightly worse. Furthermore, calling Chetan Bhagat a Youth Icon is like calling John Abraham a romantic actor. He is neither romantic nor can he act and Chetan Bhagat follows the same suit with the tag of a ‘Youth Icon’. At best, he is a papa ki pari pose gone wrong.


Delivering his own book to Arjun Kapoor is a part of the promotional video by Amazon by the way. If you think it’s a promotional video, you need this video to know the real reason behind WHY Chetan Bhagat is going around delivering books.

Next we come to the sad realization as to why ALL of his books are being made into movies. If you’re looking for an answer to that question, there isn’t one. But this quaint video sheds a searchlight on how he comes up with scripts for the movies and why exactly he chose to become a judge on a dance reality show.

Chetan Bhagat is also apparently a motivational speaker. I did not know that before watching this video. He motivates you towards what not to do in life for the most part but hey technically, he does qualify as one.

But don’t just take our word on it. Here’s the fun-uninterrupted video:

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