Club Football’s greatest year

Barclays premier Leaue Clubs LogoAs this epic season enters its home stretch, we look at what to look for:

5. Rebuilding of Manchester United-
RVP is unhappy, Kagawa is unsatisfied, Vidic is going to Inter, Ferdinand is retiring and the king of zero-fucks-given Ashley Young looks done at Manchester United (Phew).

But this is a good thing.

This allows for a fresh start, the kind they should’ve pushed for last summer; a complete rebuild. Move on from Ferguson and his deputies, let Moyes handle his business, get a competent chief executive (Woodward is just lol) and build around Wayne Rooney.

They won’t make 4th place this year but the experimentation with young players should be fun to watch and fruitful for their future.

Parth4. No Quadruple for City-
Manchester City were aiming for a clean sweep of trophies at the beginning of the season. But the immortal Martin Demichellis had other ideas.

This dude has single-handedly destroyed their season. It’s like he is in a contest with Kolo Toure for the most bloopers this year. He got red carded against Barcelona, was raped by Hazard against Chelsea and now the cherry on his glorious poop filled cake; losing to second division Wigan at home in the F.A. Cup.

Pelegrini bought Demichellis from his old club to act as an insurance policy but now has developed a blind spot. So if City are to win the EPL from here, Demichellis has to be exiled in Siberia.

3. Jose’s revolution-
Mourinho’s teams are notoriously inconsistent in their first years but on the back of a titanic defence and ruthless efficiency of the destroyer of worlds; Eden Hazard, Mourinho has had an incredible campaign and has Chelsea poised for a title winning season without a striker. If he holds fort against Liverpool and beats Arsenal at home then City will be under tremendous pressure to win all their games in hand (Never happens).

Jose Mourinho is The Godfather.

Jose Mourinho is a fucking religion.


2. Wenger’s time
The Champions league looks done and dusted for Arsenal, The EPL title looks far away after the Stoke loss but the F.A. Cup is in reach after City being knocked out. Arsenal have a relatively easy Semi-final and final with minnows ahead. The F.A. Cup is Wenger’s to lose.

Now his reputation shouldn’t change but in mainstream culture the ‘Drought’ has become a topic of ridicule and this should put an end to that stupid argument. Manchester United fans would take 4th place this year above winning the Cups easily. Same for Liverpool in years past. But fandom isn’t rational and wants glory above all else.
Enter The F.A. Cup.

This is Wenger’s turn to shut the haters up.

1.Gerrard’s last chance
In a season of surreal storylines, Liverpool’s has been the most consistently amazing one. A team with no defence or crazy investment (Looking at you Manchester City) has been riding its eccentrically brilliant strikers in SAS, a manager who looks out of his depth but keeps coming up strong and a captain whose unflinching, unending devotion is helping Liverpool put up an unfathomable title challenge.

This is the closest the 33 year old Steven Gerrard is going to come to the league title which has famously eluded him. He’ll have his last World Cup this summer, he’ll have an emotional return to the Champions league next season and might lose Suarez in the transfer window.

That’s too much football for his legs and too much drama for good old Stevie G.

These last 7 games is all he’s got.

This is Steven Gerrard’s last stand.

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