The Coldplay Songs You Should Rev Up To Because You Missed The Concert Today

Coldplay is playing in India today. Some of the lucky people are already attending the concert. Some of them are actually die-hard fans while some are those who got the ticket and just went to the concert to see why everyone has been talking about this Coldplay band in India.

Then there are those of us who could not be at the concert today, holding our heart so that we do not start crying. But it’s ok, we are here for you. Here we bring the songs you should definitely hear at full blast at home to get the feel of the Coldplay concert. And yes, sing your-heart-out along. You have to feel each and every one of those lyrics, vocals, hmms and aaaas of these songs. So here we are with our suggest list:

1. Amazing Day

This song has many reasons for which it is worth listening to, because,
a. It is from the Coldplay’s latest album
b. It talks soulfully about an amazing day
c. The ‘Aaaaaaaaaaa’ at the end of the song is too “out there” to not to be enjoyed by the fans.
If you want to feel that you are at the concert with a song, choose this one.

2. Scientist:

Scientist talks about what happens post a breakup, and there is no Coldplay concert in the world that people have gone through with, without crying. This is the song which you are going to cry for and naturally, a MUST hear.

3. Hymn for the weekend:

Again from Coldplay’s newest album, this song is one for its video and effects because it was shot in Mumbai, India. And when a concert is happening in Mumbai, India, you should enjoy the song for the feels galore.

4. Fix you:

This song has cured like a million people suffering from the pain of all kinds. Lakhs of fans are at the concert just to get FIXed by Coldplay. It would be a disaster not to hear this one.

5. Viva La Vida:

One of Coldplay’s oldest and classics if you will, this song has everything to it. You would want to be happy after hearing this one.

6. Everglow:

This song is also from the latest album, and it is just second to soulful after Fix you, according to me. You definitely fall in love with this song all over again. Take my word.

7. Magic:

If Coldplay wants to define their concert through one song, then this is it.

8. Head full of dreams:

The reason this song is on the list is because it is one of the only songs by Coldplay that is really peppy and will make you want to dance. This song will be a good start for the concert feel.

9. Teardrop is a waterfall:

If it rains and if the band has not decided on playing this song, they might just have to do so on account of fans’ requests. This will always make you jump up and down!

10. Paradise:

Have you heard this song recently? It is still the most amazing songs. Besides, Coldplay might just sing it at the concert too.

11. Yellow:

Nothing says the declaration of love like singing Yellow to someone. If Coldplay wants to dedicate its song to all the lovebirds at the concert then it is this one they are singing!

12. True love:

Nothing says pain and relief like this song. This one has touched way too many hearts and if you listen to it once, you will hear it 100 times more. But really, you won’t know overwhelming, until you’ve heard this at the concert.

13. Up & UP:

Just take a look at the video of this song. It has received the most likes and it is quite clear why. After you are in tears post Fix you and Scientist you might need this song just to feel up and up.

14. Clocks:

Personally, it is not one of my most favorite of all the Coldplay songs. But my fellow fans have told me that this song is a super hit and that any Coldplay fan should pay their respects to this song. So why not go a revise this one once again.

15. Sky full of stars:

So here is a thought. It is 11:00 in the night, most probably. You are sitting near the window of your room and start listening to sky full of stars. It is a Coldplay cliche and again you need the feels.

It would be impossible for you to not enjoy it.

Now that you have checked the list, you know exactly what you’re going to do for the next couple of hours.

While this list is definitely not all and it is possible that you might love some of the other songs of the band too, but these will give you the high you need. So, you’re welcome.

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