Coming out of the Indian Closet

“I mean, just look at that ass. You know, it clearly looks like he’s been working out quite furiously in the gym!”  followed by a gentle smile of apparent fantasizing.

“I agree, he has something special about him. But darling, you’re not far behind yourself” followed by a lean as he kisses to assure his partner that no man’s delicious derriere can come in between the love that they share.

A plausible scenario that you probably expect between a man and a woman and yet, there will be very few who can accept this to be something that two homosexual people would discuss sitting in a coffee shop, sharing one of those romantic dates.

The current scenario in the country reflects that our Government* is clearly “undecided” about the case of homosexuality, which means that they are unable to understand whether it should be classified as a criminal offence or not. Yes, in the 21st century, where we all talk about freedom and liberal behavior, being gay, is still considered to be a taboo.

Remember all those times when one of your male friends would suggest that the pink tie would look good on the white shirt? When some he had a slightly effeminate voice? When he was a little more concerned about his general appearance and cleanliness than you were? Ha ha, that’s so gay man.

It is unnatural.

We have been taught of the unnatural aspect of it. It is unnatural for you to want another man to kiss you (assuming you’re a man reading this sentence). It is unnatural for me, as a girl, to fantasize about another woman. A transgender is someone you should be afraid of, not maintain eye contact with and definitely shun that person from society’s acceptance. A bi-sexual person is just bizarre and probably a prostitute/gigolo trying to indulge in rampant acts of copulation with both sexes. We might forget the names, faces, incidents of all those people who indulge in sexual harassment, rape, eve-teasing, wife-beaters. We might even integrate them back into society because after all, time heals all wounds. But a homosexual is never forgotten. He/She shall always bear the social stigma attached only because he/she dared to fall in love with someone of the same sex.

It will disturb the balance of society.

The society right now is an ideal one. Man falls in love with woman. Woman falls in love with man. Or, the more apparent but less talked about phenomenon- woman is biologically designed to have a man inside her. How would a woman accommodate another one of her kind? The balance of society shall be disturbed with little boys and girls being confused about whether to be homosexual or heterosexual, unless they are told repeatedly that they must copulate with the opposite sex. So, no matter how many young girls are left as pregnant teenagers on the streets, no matter how many girlfriends are carrying scars of acid burns on their face, one must not disturb this balance of society. But how will mankind create more progeny? Because creation of progeny is the only desire of humans and not taking care of the vast population of starving children we already have.

I am gay.

It is termed as “coming out of the closet” because it is the dirty secret that one would hide along with the other skeletons in the closet; because the revelation of this one secret shall cause embarrassment to all those who are near me; because your association with someone who “bends the other way” shall be ruinous for your repute. The closet isn’t the one where I am coming out from; it is the one you are going to push me into if I tell you about the love that I nurture. It is different from your idea and hence not acceptable.

We are homophobes

Why must we blame the government for being narrow-minded? We are a country of prejudiced views, stereotypes and homophobia. We may act shocked and hurt when someone calls us any of those but deep down we are. However, we cannot blame it on human nature; it is more like a human disease of hatred and distrust.

The government is only a representation of what we think. If you are brave enough to accept someone’s sexual preferences, then you are not special, you are not the next in line for the “Most Socially Accepting Person” award. You are only being human. And being human is what we seem to be the worst at these days.


[P.S: The term ‘Supreme court’ has been changed by ‘Government’ after being pointed out by awesome people who, surprisingly, read the entire article. We apologise and thank you all!]

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