Don’t We Deserve Educated Leaders Like Raghuram Rajan?

Raghuram Rajan. The second most famous Rajan after Chhota Rajan, offered to step down from the post of RBI Governor last week. His reign will end in September and while the government will have a hard time in finding someone to replace him, there are a few things he left behind for us to ponder upon. The first being, did we really deserve him?

When the likes of Nihalanis, Iranis and Chauhans are preferred to hold a prestigious position in a government office, one might wonder where all the deserving men/women have disappeared. No, I am not questioning their leadership skills. Smriti Irani might be a great leader, Chetan Chauhan might have a phenomenal sense of fashion, Pahlaj Nihalani might be a…, okay that’s enough; but do they really deserve to be where they are? Are we really out of choices?

The fact that someone like Smriti Irani (or insert any of the other names I’ve mentioned) is at the top of a tree whose fruit will be eaten by everyone in our society doesn’t seem to make sense. Firstly, because she isn’t qualified enough to hold that post. If you are trying to bring changes in a system that you’ve never been a part of, then I am sorry, but you don’t deserve to be there. If you were educated only till the 12th standard, and your background isn’t fairly related to education, then you should stop making decisions about whether engineers should study Sanskrit or not. I’d love to debate on this, but not with you; maybe with someone who has been to college, who knows how many irrelevant subjects there already are in engineering, and how adding this one subject would not make any sense even on Mars. What will you say next? Maybe you will ask medical students to pray before performing a surgery?

The controversies orbiting around the planet Pahlaj aren’t going to stop until someone decides to stop making meaningful movies. This dude lost a case in high court and then had the balls to leak the movie online before its release. What does that prove? One: he is incapable of rational thought. Two: he can go to any extent to take revenge instead of politely accepting his loss. Three: he will do it again. And and and wait for it… he did. He again banned one of Anurag Kashyap’s movies because he thinks that the subject is too sensitive. I mean grow up, old guy. It’s 2016. When you can search on the internet about how to leak a movie, you should search as well about the freedom of expression and about how the 21st century is different from the 19th. If you can’t deal with the portrayal of subjects which you aren’t comfortable with, get up and leave your seat for someone who knows a thing or two about movies and is comfortable with the subject. It’s not funny anymore, Pahlaj. The joke was over when you started talking about Sanskari James Bond. Now it’s just plain annoying.

The second reason why an unqualified leader doesn’t make sense is that any minister/leader is a representative of the department alloted to him/her. Now when you are talking about a country’s progress, and especially when you are talking about a country’s progress, you want to see yourself in your leader’s eyes. If the majority of people can’t relate to the likes of Smriti Irani or Pahlaj Nihalani, then there must be something wrong. Even a monkey can be a great leader, but it’ll make bananas compulsory in every canteen of every college. Will it change anything? No. Would it directly affect our lives? No. But would you prefer someone else representing you rather than a monkey? Maybe. If everyone had a say in choosing a leader, I think we would’ve done better than Smriti Irani/Pahlaj Nihalani.

The shit hits the fan when the rare of the rarest cases, the guys who are actually qualified to lead a system, are used as political stooges and are asked to resign (maybe not directly), only to be replaced by someone from the untalented brigade. No, I don’t know anything about Economics (although maybe I know more than Smriti Irani), but to me, Raghuram Rajan sounds like an intelligent man. His work speaks for him.

His educational background speaks for him. And ah, don’t forget his gold medals. Predicting the 2008 crisis way back in 2005 is something extraordinary even by the standards of Nostradmus or Bejaan Daruwala. When Mr. Rajan was appointed to lead the RBI, the economy of India was fluctuating like Arvind Kejriwal’s statements, the inflation rate was 10% and the rupee was falling to a point at which even Alfred couldn’t answer that. But look at us now, the inflation is 5.6%, the Rupee is stable and the balance sheets are well, balanced. Of course Modi’s frequent trips can be credited for this but if you are capable of rational though, you might see that Raghuram Rajan had at least one hand behind it, if not both.

I could have never trusted a guy named RaghuRam after watching roadies but I trusted this guy. I can trust him enough to follow him blindly and that’s what I want. What we want. Someone who is trustworthy enough, educated enough and humble enough to lead an organisation which is going to affect us or our children in one way or the other. Nobody likes outraging, but nobody would like to stay quiet either, when the blunders have been happening in the country since forever. Sure, the educated men may turn out to be inefficient but at least give them a chance. They deserve it. They deserve it way more than the Iranis or Nihalanis. Plus, the government won’t have to face embarrassment every now and then when their chamcha lose cases in High Courts.

It’s all working out guyyyyys. Open your goddamn eyes and give that prestigious post to someone who deserves it.

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