Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word

Before we even begin talking about feminism, someone please tell me what it has to do with being naked or revealing skin? Why do women think that being naked will make their statement more audible? Sure, it will get them the attention they need, but the attention would be directed towards them and not towards their words. A true feminist won’t be seduced by this idea of laying off clothes to get heard. It’s not rational. Getting hot girls with minimal clothing to get ears does not work. And it never will. It doesn’t help with the strength of the voice but it definitely questions it. After all, if you need a naked woman to get heard, how relevant do you think your idea is?

Feminism doesn’t mean siding with the female species and everybody knows that. But women haven’t received the respect that they deserve in the past. Women have been treated in lewd and volatile ways since the longest time and the times are finding it hard to change. The concept took birth so that a man and a woman can be treated equally. It sided a little more with the females because they didn’t have the upper hand in the battle of the sexes. The concept of rape took place when a man forced himself on a woman and not the other way around. Now, it’s not that males are secure and absolutely protected. There may be male rape happening somewhere too, but is it happening just as much as it’s happening with the females? No. We need to address both the issues but females had to be put under the light because they were more tortured.

Men were never treated as sex objects, women were. Perhaps now men are being ogled and made into sex objects, there is no real metric to measure this, but this is for sure that the number of men being made into sex objects is far smaller than the number of females objectified.

gender equal opportunity or representation

Feminists and women (which is not necessarily the same thing) know that to empower women you don’t have to dis-empower men. Yeah, the feminists are aware of that little fact. But then, why is there so much venom when it comes to feminism? Perhaps the answer is that the general population is not used to women speaking up and making sense at all, and it makes them itchy and annoyed. Because we, as a society, are not used to it. And let’s face it, to accept this would mean to stop being complacent and get out of the comfort zones we hold so dear.

A female employee that is pregnant would never get a raise or a promotion, over a male employee because the company suffers loss of workforce while she is on leave. Some may think of this as an advantage. But is getting a leave as happy as it sounds when you know that when she comes back, the promotion would no more be hers because she is now a mother? Can you expect an expecting mother to not opt for maternity leaves because she’s ambitious and wants to get professional glories? So there’s no choice for the expecting mother but to take leaves and lose out on her professional growth. The solution to this is not to promote the female and cancel her leave (because that’s just not possible) or to promote her and keep the job empty while she is gone (because that’s stupid), but to give the male gender paternity leaves. If a married couple gets the same time off to prepare for their parental roles, there will be no bias. The job would go to a person who is going to be there in the office irrespective of the gender. This would a win-win for both the genders as the women won’t have to sacrifice career and the men won’t have to sacrifice family life to make more money. A healthy balance.

Moving on to the next natural question; Are women paid as much as their male counterparts? On the world economic front, women are still paid only 79% of what men are paid for the same job, for the same amount of work put in. Sure, women do get other advantages but are these a leverage against the pay gap?

It is hard to avoid inequality when it is so-in-the-face and experienced almost daily. Feminists are all for equal treatment.

Come to think of it, why are not more people in support of feminism? It only means treating a man and a woman equally, and even if the realms of feminism are extended to respecting women, giving them equal opportunities and helping them be heard, what is so wrong about that? Feminism was never, and will be about undermining men or their importance in the society. Feminism does not aim to uplift women at the cost of men. Feminism takes both the genders together to embark on a journey of equality and mutual respect.

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