4 Scientists And Their Gruesome Experiments

All we know is that they were successful; with no idea what all a scientist had to go through to get the results which could help human race progress. Do we really know what all goes behind making an experiment successful? No. Some of us would probably run screaming over the streets if we get to know what all have these scientists done to prove their hypothesis; how screwed up could their minds were. Science was the worst thing, that could have happened to some lives and some scientists turned out to be crazy devils. Here are a few instances of crazed scientific events:

1 The Monkey Torturer:

Harry Harlow, a scientist who is known as the monkey torturer. Harlow wanted to find out ‘What is Love?’What defines love accurately? If it’s a bond between two people, then which bond is that? What is the nature of love?

He decided to study this on the rhesus monkey babies and their mothers. To find out the nature of love, the best way according to Harlow was torturing the baby monkeys. Torturing is disturbing enough, but it wasn’t enough to describe the state of these baby monkeys. He had a Rape rack in his lab, that’s what he called the forced mating machine he used for the monkeys and the device he used to torture the baby monkeys was called “The iron maiden”.

His most controversial experiment involved a device affectionately dubbed the pit of despair, where a baby monkey would be placed in a small isolated chamber for periods of up to a year, without any contact with any living creature. The results of this experiment turned out so bad for the baby monkeys as they became psychotic and sadly could never recover.

I don’t know what Harlow got in terms of findings on ‘What is love’. And how the hell did he come up with such an experimental setup. I wonder what did he find out experimenting this cruel idea on the cute little monkeys, seems like no love for finding love.

2 The Monkey Man Inventor:

Illya Ivanovich, a Russian and Soviet biologist, known for creating animal hybrids, would take a donkey, a turkey and a zebra and a pull a zonkey out of it. He had created a hybrid of an antelope and cow with the milk giving properties of an antelope and the swiftness of a cow.

It is said he was ordered by Stalin to create a super race of slave ape-men who would serve the communistic Russia in taking over the free world. In 1926 in Conakry Africa, Ivanovo tried to inseminate three chimpanzees, though none of them got pregnant. Since he failed in his experiment, he decided to change the design by knocking up a human female with liquid monkey juice in 1929. The strangest thing is that he managed to obtain the support of the society of materialist biologists and also managed to find female volunteers who were willing to participate in this experiment.

So finally he wrote a Cuban heiress, Rosella Abreu, who had a large chimpanzee menagerie outside havane, asking if she could provide him with some nice monkey semen. Sadly Ivanovo couldn’t continue with this experiment, as the news got out and Ivanovo was told to shut down the project by Ku Klux Klan. Thank Lord for once, else who knows would be seeing some hilarious yet scary creatures around us.

3 Dr. Feel Good

Sidney Gottlieb, an American military psychiatrist with a PhD in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology, joined the central intelligence agency as a poison expert, in 1951. He was 33 at this time. He became known as the Black Sorcerer and the Dirty Trickster. He supervised preparations of lethal poisons and drug experiments in mind control. He was of the view that LSD was a way to bring about new ideas, and that it could be used to control the mind as well.

Gottlieb used LSD in many of his brainstorming sessions. The idea of controlling mind using LSD caught on in the CIA, and over two decades, Gottlieb oversaw project MKULTRA. In San Francisco, sex workers were paid by the CIA to secretly give LSD to their clients and leave them in a room with a two-way mirror to let agents observe the effects of LSD on them.

It got weirder when in Kentucky mental patients were dosed with LSD as a part of their treatment. Around the country, prisoners were given LSD to conduct mind-control experiments.

Sidney and his colleagues would invite a bunch of people on their acid trips and experiment on them without their knowledge. Sidney also spent some time going around America, slipping LSD into peoples’ drinks and observing the effects. He mostly chose hookers and drug addicts for his experiments; because he had an idea of how no one would care or believe what they had to say about the crazy old man drugging people.

After all this the project was a failure. One person died and many of the drugged people had mental trauma and damage. In the end, although Gottlieb found out that LSD made some people more suggestible, it definitely did not give anyone the ability to control anyone’s mind.

4 The Zombie dog Inventor:

Dr. Sergei S. Bryukhonenko, a Soviet scientist, one of the heads of the Research Institute of Experimental Surgery, is credited as the inventor of the first primitive heart-lung machine called the Auto Joker. The machine was used to help perform the first open heart surgery. Now, this is understandable that a heart-lung machine is supposed to sustain life through inducing normalcy to defunct heart and lung functioning, through artificial means.

Accordingly, the only logical way to test such a machine would be to transplant some life out of a living creature. In order to test his machins, Sergei killed all the dogs around him. He tried it on dogs and with no time his research lab was filled with hundreds of dead lassies, old yellers, rin tin tins and all the famous dogs anyone could remember. He started to cut out the canine’s organs, hook them up to his machine and keep them alive outside the body.

There was a video documenting his most famous experiment called ‘Dog’s head’ in which a freshly severed dog’s head was placed on the table and connected to Sergei’s genesis machine .The machine brought the head back to life, fully responsive. This living head responded fully to various outside stimuli and even accepted a treat from the staff, thus, creating a type of zombie dogs. Somehow he managed to overlook the screams of sadness and terror of those creatures.

These scientists had taken an oath to work their best to advance science for the betterment of the world, but somehow the ways they chose to achieve this (or fail at it), are some of the most brutal and undeserved episodes in the history of humankind.

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