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Who is god? Or rather, What is god? To some, he is a supernatural power. To some, he is a savior. To some, he is a parent. To me, it is a delusion. I write ‘it’ because I think god is just an imaginary concept. And that, too a flawed one.


I don’t believe in God. I became an ‘atheist’ before it was cool to be one. I used to believe in God, then I started to think – What is God but a mere deception? It was created by some people, learned people, knowledgeable people to keep some people, ordinary people, lusty people from committing what one would call sins. God, I think, is just a commodity created by people to feel a little safer. God is something that can be blamed if something goes wrong. It is a little insurance policy that we like to hang around our necks, or wrap around our wrists. God is a concept created by mankind to reassure itself and keep it in our minds that there is a huge man somewhere in the clouds, or beyond, looking after us or looking upon us. But really, there isn’t.

If there was a god, he wouldn’t have let heinous crimes take place. Take the rape case of a five year old girl that just took place. Or take the case of a lot of other crimes that occur everyday. Yeah, I know you’re thinking I’m getting a bit cliched here. But isn’t this right? Shouldn’t he have saved those girls who suffered through the hands of hideous people? If he can come to save Draupadi from cheer-haran, he should take some time out to help these innocent souls as well. But does he? I think we know the answer. I believe that God created man in his own image, and if there is a God, it is us.

To me, humans are Gods, or conversely Gods are human. We are our own destiny writers. Those who fight for themselves, make something for themselves. Those who don’t, they don’t. There is a proverb related too, it says “God helps, those who help themselves”. Now it’s upto you to understand and perceive in your own way. Same goes with the phrase, “Har Har Mahadev”. It really translates into “Everyone is super-god”.


The other question which I always ponder upon is, what is religion? A way to communicate to god? That’s just as much a fallacy as God itself. Now, bear with me for a moment when I say religion is a paradox.

Sages who promote religion say that God is great, God is omnipresent, God should be worshiped. But the society tells us, to connect with God, one must go to a Temple because that is where he’ll be found. Really? An omnipresent being, and I should go to a temple to connect with him. Pandits urge people to not have dark thoughts in a Mandir, because it is the home of Bhagwan? Really? I thought he was omnipresent!

You may ask for whatever you wish from god, say the saints. He has everything, from knowledge to riches. But when you go to the temple, do not forget to offer prasad. Really? You want me to bribe the knowledgeable man, who by the way, has everything?
And yes, you can offer the prasad only if you have had a bath that morning. Why? Won’t your god accept my offerings if I haven’t bathed, if I haven’t poured water on myself? Does the water free me of my sins? Oh, it keeps my body clean. Really? Is your god so superficial that if I’m not clean on the outside, he won’t accept me? Whatever happened to ‘Real beauty lies on the inside’?

Go to Haridwar, they say. Bathe in the holy Ganga, they say. It frees you of your sins, they say. Wow! Remind me of this when I’m on my deathbed so that all the sins of my life get washed out in one plain stroke and I can go to heaven.

Stephen hawkingHeaven: the place they say, you go to after dying if you have done good deeds. Indulge in me for a moment, and please tell me how can I commute towards this place called heaven if I’m dead? Death is when your heart stops pumping blood to your body organs. The organs do not receive oxygen. The brain does not carry its function out. You stop breathing. There is no oxygen in your blood. There is no blood in your brain. You’re dead. It is not religious or conceptual or spiritual. It is a truth. A physical truth. Try and go to heaven, or hell, for that matter after your death … Did I hear somebody say that soul goes to heaven, not the body? Where is this soul exactly? Behind my rib-cage, in the lungs? Or in the liver that has drowned in alcohol? Or may be in the appendix which has been deemed useless by the doctors? The truth is, there is no space in your body to fit in the soul. All you have is a mind. A fugitive mind which has been brainwashed to believe in such things.

Now, I’m not asking you to desert your religion or abandon your god and neither am I trying to convert you, but if I’m not imposing my thoughts on you, I wouldn’t like you imposing your thoughts on me.

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