Goodbye Claudio Ranieri. Goodbye Romance

Romance is DEAD. Love is DEAD. Football is not nearly the beautiful game it once was and Jose Mourinho is an Asshole. (The last 4 words have nothing to do with this article. But I am just putting it out there for the world to know). The thing about fairytales is that they only look good in books and movies. However, they almost never translate into real life. The classic guy and the girl end up together after all the obstacles gives you hope that you will have the same destiny.

But alas, you would be eating vegetarian pulao at their wedding while sipping virgin mojito as you clap when they do the merry-go-round around the fire with someone else. Get used to it guys. Life isn’t fair. And it sure as hell is not designed to make you happy.

Claudio ‘Tinkerman’ Ranieri was sacked last night as the manager of the reigning premier league champions Leicester City. This comes 9 months after winning their first ever league title. In normal human terms, it is like dumping the woman who agreed to have sex with you after you had remained a virgin for over 40 years of your life.

13th July 2015 – Claudio Ranieri is appointed Leicester manager
7th May 2016 – Claudio Ranieri guides Leicester to their first PL title in their 133 year history
9th Jan 2017 – Claudio Ranieri is named FIFA coach of the year
23rd Feb 2017 – Claudio Ranieri is sacked

Leicester had miraculously escaped relegation in the 2014-2015 season. So much so their own fans were of the opinion that what they had experienced was not real. Come 2015-2016, it got one billionth better. The 1 year old promoted side were crowned champions of England in one of sport’s most fascinating, romanticized and unbelievable stories. The 2016-2017 has left us as bamboozled as the the previous season. Expected to consolidate their stamp on English football, Leicester have struggled to make any sort of impact this season. They now lie a lowly 17th, just 1 point above the relegation zone. The trio of Mahrez-Vardy-Kante that was the spine of their league triumph in the previous season has fallen apart like the ending of HIMYM. While Kante moved on to greener ($$) pastures at Chelsea, Vardy and Mahrez simply haven’t kick-started their season.

Without a win in 2017, out of the FA Cup, 2-1 behind in their champions league round of 16 match and having faced 5 consecutive defeats, to say LCFC are in a spot of bother would be a massive understatement. The players simply haven’t responded to Ranieri this time around. Also, the lack of strengthening in defence during the summer & winter transfer windows might just have been the root of their downfall. The ageing pair of Huth and Morgan have run out of legs and steam much in contrast to their solid defensive performances less than a year ago. “Who wants to fight?” Ranieri asked his team before the Millwall game.

I need the soldiers. I need the gladiators.

More than a motivational dialogue, this seemed like a dying man’s far cry for help.

Ranieri stood by his players all season. He showed the faith and the confidence a manager should in his players. Through thick and thin, he has backed them to turn the season around and give their fans something to be cheerful about. The players however have not reciprocated an ounce of the same. Some reports in the media earlier this month suggested that he had lost the dressing room.

No defending English champion has been relegated since 1938 has been fired less than 300 days after guiding the club to arguably their greatest glory since inception. This was a mere 10 days after the owners backed him with unanimous support. In so many ways, this is a dagger in Ranieri’s back, one that will hurt for a long time. Vile abuses and remarks were hurled at Leicester in the wake of the aftermath of the announcement. Many pundits and experts have called the sacking unfair, unjust and disgraceful. Sacking him with 13 games to go, at such an integral point of the season might not be the best decision in hindsight. But something needed to change at Leicester if they have to have any chance of survival. It is just a shame that it was arguably their greatest manager who took the fall for it.

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