Happy 93rd Birthday To The Evergreen Dev Anand!

On 26th September, 1923, Dharamdev Anand was born in Gurdaspur district in Punjab. The third son to a well-to-do advocate, this boy went on to become the Evergreen “Dev Anand” in the 1900s of the Bollywood film industry. The man who was responsible for big hits right from his first movie in the industry; Hum Ek Hain (1946), he acted in a total of 114 movies over a career spanning over more than 65 years. He was an actor, director, writer and a producer. He was one of the most influential people in the Bollywood film industry.

The actor throughout his career was active in more than just one area of life. He was a different person in different decades on and off screen. While he was a fresh face in 1940s, he took up directing in 1950s. By 1960s he worked on his romantic side and became the heartthrob of his female audiences. In 1970s he was instrumental in bringing the film fraternity together in opposition to the internal emergency imposed by then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

At any age, this man exuded the energy and confidence level of a boy in his 20s. He was a force to reckon with. Be it the way he portrayed a character on screen, or the man he was off screen, one always ended up being impressed with this dynamo of energy. Even after his death, his legacy still remains alive among us through his movies and songs. Today on his 93rd birth anniversary, we bring to you the memories he left for the industry and the cinema lovers.

1 Kala Bazar

Kala Bazar movie was produced by Dev Anand’s own production house Navketan films. Written and directed by his younger brother Vijay Anand, the movie revolves around a man who sells movie tickets on the black market, but starts to have a change of heart after he falls in love. In this movie, Dev Anand was paired opposite Waheeda Rehman. This is also known to be the only movie that starred three Anand bothers together.

Khoya Khoya Chand is our favourite pick from Kala Bazar.

2 Tere Ghar ke Saamne

The 1963 film paired Dev Anand opposite Nutan. The movie was one of the top grossers of the year. The movie, a comedy, follows the story of a foreign return architect who falls in love with an Indian girl who values the Indian culture a lot. Dekho Rutha Na Karo is a number that adds cherry to the cake for this movie.

3 Funtoosh

Once again one of the top grosser movies of Dev Anand was the 1956 Funtoosh. He was paired against Sheila Ramani in this movie. The plot involves a man who has witnessed the brutal killing of his family is driven to suicide. A rich man saves him and convinces him to die after seven days during which he can have anything that his heart desires.

If this plot doesn’t make you curious to watch the movie, maybe you should re-read it.

4 C.I.D.

Another 1956 movie, which carried this amazing foot tapping song had Dev Anand opposite Shakila and Waheeda Rehman. The storyline goes like this: Shrivastav, an editor, is murdered when he tries to expose a rich man’s link with the underworld. However, his friend Shekhar tries to find the killer but he himself gets framed in the plot.

5 Paying Guest

This movie that revolved around a man trying to find an accommodation because he got evicted from the current place was released in 1957. Dev Anand is in the lead with Nutan, with both playing each other’s love interest. This song even now remains one of the best numbers of all time.

6 Guide

This 1965 movie which took the industry by storm is still one of the most amazing movies any Dev Anand fan has watched. The chemistry between Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman is just too amazing to ignore. A tourist guide meets an unhappy married woman who wants to take up dancing. With his motivation, she becomes a successful dancer but success corrupts the man’s mind. Love, alcohol, court room drama, conviction and release, the movie keeps you hooked to your seats from beginning to end. Dev Sahab won Filmfare Award for Best Actor for this movie. The songs are enticing and the storyline is just surreal. Here’s one of our favourite songs from the movie Guide.

7 Hum Dono

This lovely song is from the movie Hum Dono which has Dev Anand in double role opposite Nanda and Sadhana. Identical soldiers become entangled in each other’s lives after one of them falls in the battle. When one is presumed dead, the other goes to inform the family. But confusions arise as he looks identical. Hum Dono is another brilliant movie with some even more brilliant songs.

 Happy Birthday Dev Sahab!

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