Hey Feminist, Are You Really One?

The title might make me sound like a typical “meninist”, a misogynist and someone who hates women to their deepest roots, and someone whom women would hate in general. But that’s just wrong. I love women and I need them; for obvious reasons. I mean, for how long can your hands be your best friend, right?

Now that I have already managed to piss off some ‘feminists’ reading, let’s get to straight to it. I’m not against feminism. No, I’m a feminist myself. Feminism stands for gender equality, and I’m all for it. Although the name of this movement could have been a little better to give a better understanding to people that feminism is about uplifting the status of women, yes, but not at the cost of men. Feminism takes both the genders into account. But this unfortunate naming has led to a whole new breed of feminists known as The Feminazis. While feminism is good, these feminazis tinker with the balance of the world. Yeah, feminism helps women get to a better position. But in the modern world, it’s been misinterpreted as hatred towards men. And the soldiers of this new movement are called Feminazis.


You could either be a believer of creationism or evolution, but we are not going into that debate right now. Whatever belief system you subscribe to, you would agree that men and women are born different. Men are born pervs and attracted to a woman’s physical beauty, while women are attracted a more toward a man’s brain. Now don’t ask me how you judge the prettiness of a brain, but yeah, that’s how it works generally. And they do love to complicate things. Be it creationism where God created men and women in a particular manner as they are right now or be it evolution, where they have evolved to become humans, the point is still the same. Men and women were created/evolved differently and they still are different. While men have physical supremacy over women, women too have a mental and emotional advantage over men. That doesn’t, by any means, justify why women should get superior treatment over things they haven’t been evolved to do better than men.

Let’s talk about the beauty standards across the globe and the concept of “body shaming”. Recently, many movements like “Free the nipple” or not shaving the armpits came into the limelight. Now let me tell you something – real feminists don’t give two hoots about such mindless things. They would rather spend their time into more productive activities, such as actually doing something. But these pseudo feminists or as they have come to be know as, The Feminazis participated in it and it became a worldwide occurrence. Even though I’m in love with this campaign and support its execution wholeheartedly, my support is for an entirely different and pervy reason. But I will tell you why the concept of #Freethenipple campaign doesn’t quite make sense.

#FreeTheNipple began as a marketing hashtag for a film by American filmmaker, Lina Esco. After that, it became a revolution and many other celebrities and our dear role models such as Rihanna, Cara Delvigne, Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen, and Willow Smith jumped in. And this became a feminist revolution. There are two things wrong with it. One, you are representing models for #Freethenipple campaign which totally goes against what feminism stands for. If it is trying to promote the campaign by flashing models and celebrities, they have done it all wrong. If they want it to reach the core values of feminism, start with average women and eliminating the beauty gap. And two, now don’t get me started on this one, men’s nipples are not as sexy as their female counterpart. They just aren’t. And I am not saying this because I find it so. It’s for the obvious evolutionary reasons. Men have been attracted to breasts since the time they found out that they cannot grow breasts themselves. So breasts were sexualised and consequently, hidden from the site of random men. And it’s not unfair to women. Men too have to hide their body parts. You can’t blame us if you failed sexualise our chests.

Let’s talk about “hairy armpits” now. Men and women have evolved million of years to attract each other. Women have always been attracted to masculine attributes such as beard and chest hair, and males are attracted to feminine attributes such as smooth skin and overall prettiness. Now, you might say this is inequality, but then you would be wrong because it really is not. Growing armpit hair just means that you are trying to be like men who don’t shave their armpit hair. But why? Would you like a man who undergoes laser treatment done for their facial hair? I might sound a bit too strong on this one, but this is the grounds on which we have evolved. Pseudo feminists, you cannot fight evolution single handedly.

And that’s just about the beauty standards. If the feminazis really stand for equality between men and women, they should start caring about disadvantages men have in the society and while we are at it, stop asking for seat reservations in public transport. The society has been structured in a manner that offers both, an advantage and disadvantage to both the genders. And let’s stick to that. Men taking the place of women and women taking the place of men isn’t going to make humankind any better.

Now the situation where men take advantage of women due to their physical supremacy is one thing we need to eradicate and we are slowly getting there. Things have improved vastly in the last 30 years, thanks to improved law and order. And even as for today, if we want to eradicate this evil by root, we need a stricter system and behaviour change education. Nothing works better than teaching those eager young minds. Showing women’s nipples or not shaving those armpits isn’t going to help you get where you want to. Feminazis are solely focused on transferring one supremacy form to another which creates nothing but more hatred. This is certainly not what we, the feminists, would want.

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