Historical Monument or a Frolicsome Canvas?

Qutub Minar, Lal Quila, Humayun ka Maqbara, Ala-i-Darwaza and many more Maqbaras, Quilas, Pillars, Stones are living examples of a vivid historical background that India possesses, but having visited some of these places, I somehow get the impression that We Indians lack brains! Yes. You read it right … we Indians lack brains on the optimal place rather I would suggest the morgue workers to dissect an Indian morgue’s knees to search for some. Hyperbolic as it sounds, but this seems to be the truth. Scribbling on the majestic architectural marvels makes someone ‘Amar’ as if a tourist would visit the said structure just to see Mr. Champak Bhumiya’s name etched on it. You would see a plethora of designs and fonts scribbled on some of the most beautiful and phenomenal structures in the country. I mean how hard is it to understand, that these structures were not erected by worthy men to simply provide a canvas to lovelorn couples! Through this article I bring to you some very commonly seen doodle artistry which is both amusing and at the very same time shameful to witness too.

1. The ‘Prem Pujari’

These are the most commonly seen artists who fall short of writing pads, pens and most importantly ethics! They just need a rock and a lover, or rather a lovers name with whom they might not have even had a decent conversation for years together. So armed with the best of the rock they could get they begin the drill. And emerges out of this drill is a heart with an arrow (not certain if its cupid’s arrow), and on the either of the arrow the two historical names…don’t mistake it for Mughal Kings … these are the names mohalle ke superheroes and heroines! Names may be ‘Bunty loves Babli’, ‘Rani loves Rakesh’, ‘Munna loves Pinky’ etc.


2. The ‘Pagal Prem Pujari’

Now there is a slim line between these two genres – the ‘Pagal Prem Pujari’ is the living example of the famous saying in Hindi “Na Khuda mila na Visaal-e-Sanam” This might be an engineering third year guy who has done almost every single deed for him to qualify as a psycho lover, from wrist slitting to having poison or phenyl for that matter or may be over dozing himself with sleeping pills. Anyway, their mastery lies in suicidal notes ranging from “Agar Meena nahi mili toh main iss Quile se kood kar jaan de dunga” to “I love you Reeta, alvida duniya walon”. The confessional statement urges one to think who the hell would examine these stones so damn minutely other than archaeologists?!


3. The ‘My Life My Attitude’ guy

I remember people scribbling this on classroom benches when they were in class 6th, but guess some people never grow up. From classroom benches to tombstones, the ‘attitude’ remains unchanged. Phrases such as ‘We Rock’, ‘I Rule’ , ‘My life, my rules’… horrible as it sounds, these very words were responsible for Emperor Humayun’s tomb to be built after 15 years since his death! I mean who the hell gives a damn if some ‘Mr. We Rock’ did actually come over the monument and scribbled this shit. Disgusting.


4. The Spray Painters; Yeah! How can someone forget to mention these newly born ‘M.F.Hussains’ in our country. Got no canvas but yes, truckloads of spray paint cans! How can a painter address himself as one when he has never painted on a historical monument?! I mean that is ‘unpossible’. And then we have our ad gurus who try to sell bean bags and furniture on tourist spots hoping if any couple would like to have one.

How can someone be so ignorant about these wrongdoings. Why can’t people understand that extra efforts for beautification are really not necessary if they respected and cared for the monuments more.

This article is strictly issued in public interest. The public who visits the heritage sites and the public who litters the heritage sites. Why do we need an Aamir Khan to teach us civil etiquette?

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