Awesome Budget Hostels In India For Budget Travellers

Travelling on a budget and that too to local exotic locations in India is what every young Indian wants to do now. We want to live in luxurious places and pay less. We want to feel at the top of the world but want to maintain our bank balances. In such a scenario when we get to know that we have the option of living in a place that pretty, petite and cheap, it’s a blessing to us. To our delight, a lot of small hostel like set-ups have cropped up to cater to our “in-budget” wanderlust.

The trend of hostels started in India for such travellers who have a passion for travelling, but not the pocket. Few years back, ‘hostels’ for us meant a place with strict rules and warden. A place where we lodge after our school/college hours. The image was clichéd and same. Hostel industry, however now has taken a new turn and created a new meaning of the term. Not only are these present in different states of India but also they are very similar in concept to ‘B&B’. These hostels are like hotels, but cheaper and more casual. And that is exactly their USP. Hostels provide you a very comfortable and “chilled out” environment.

A hostel is usually a home converted into various dorms. These dorms have a variety. While you can find variations in number of beds, girls can also get ‘female dorms’ which gives them some personal space. If you walk into a room and find mattresses on floor, books stacked on floor like skyscrapers and walls laden with beautiful artworks done by guests; why would anyone complain, right?

Hostels usually provide you the basic facilities like bathroom attached to your room, free Wi-Fi, books to be read, board games, utensils etc. However what is really interesting is that visitors have to cook their own meals (except breakfast, which is paid) and wash their own utensils. Just like school hostels, there is no room service in these hostels and you are responsible for taking care of yourself. The cherry on the cake is that unlike school hostels, there is no curfew in backpackers’ hostels.

Here is a list of the most famous backpackers’ hostels of India:



You will not believe that good quality rooms can be available at such affordable rates till you experience it. Zostel provides the travellers everything that they need but at pocket friendly rates. Cleanliness has never been their issue and helpful staff is their forte. They provide you free WI-FI, cable connection, board game rooms, tea and coffee facilities, AC in the hot places, locker facilities, a kitchen and much more. They have branches in Delhi, Varanasi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Pushkar, Ooty, etc.



If you like traditional yet funky decors and want to live around those for few days, Moustache is the place you want to visit. The place gives you a quirky look inside and a roof to spend some peaceful time. They provide the basic facilities of hot shower, clean linen, free Wi-Fi etc., but you will find everything with an Indian touch. They are located in Delhi and Jaipur with low rate rooms starting from Rs.600.

The Hosteller


If you like ending your days with a nice musical get-together then Hosteller is the place to book your stay with. While your stay at The Hosteller, there will never be any dull moment, nor will there will be too much hustle-bustle. Hosteller provides you basic facilities of hot water, free Wi-Fi, clean linens, utensils, a ready kitchen etc. Right now, The Hosteller is functioning in Kasol and Delhi (Jaipur has been shut down temporarily).

Youth Hostel

Youth Hostels are known to be one of the first to bring this concept to India. Run by Youth Hostel Association of India, you can also take part in various events organized by the hosts. You can find dorms starting from Rs. 300 in various parts of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Leh, Manali, Mysore etc. You can also get a travel card made to avail various benefits.

Vedanta Wake Up!


The best hostels in South India are by Vedanta Wake Up! In addition to the basic services, Vedanta also provides it’s travellers bicycle on rent and laundry facilities. They do have basic rooms and dorms available at cheap rates, but they also provide unique options like bamboo huts, Traditional Indian cots, lodges, hammocks etc. they also provide café and travel desks where guests can interact among themselves. They also keep on organizing various activities for the travellers. Vedanta is currently located in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The best part about hostels is the kind of people you meet. You will come across people from various cities, countries and ethnicity. Hostel stay is the best way to get to know new people, learn about their culture, share knowledge and make friends. One also comes across explorers in hostels – people who live there for days, months or even longer. They KNOW the place in and out. They have been through every small lane, eaten at every corner. Thus they be your best guide for that town/city.

Need anymore reasons to choose hostels over hotels now?

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