How to Love Yourself

If nobody likes you because of how ugly you are on the inside, am sorry, this article is not for you. This article is for the crooked people, who are having low self-esteem – which in time has developed due to overthinking of regrets and/or mistakes, or memories of losing someone, or whatever the reason be.

Here are some of the tips which may help you (it still takes time, I am not a psychiatrist).
PRO TIP: To love yourself, you need to start making yourself happy.


1. Stop thinking of the reason which gave a blow to your esteem. There must have been a time when you totally loved yourself, and then something might have happened, may be an incident which ruined you – for example: if you did hit a woman by a car (Ouch! You asshole, you shouldn’t have driven if you didn’t know how to) or if your girlfriend butchered your heart into pieces (don’t even get me started with it). Truth is, you can still do a lot better, and work on your mistakes rather than regretting. For a change, try and see what you learned from it (DON’T DRIVE!)

2. Start with today. Take rest. Take a leave from your boring work place (Caution: not if your lazy ass made you take a lot of them already. You don’t want to get fired!), and involve yourself in something you will like to do. Something you will enjoy doing on your own – This does not involve eating loads of ice-cream, or chocolates, or watching full series of GoT in a go. This involves hobbies). Write an article, a diary, a comic, paint, learn a type of dance (on YouTube if you are too lazy to go to a class or you are poor. I Tried it!! Yes, am a loser. Bite me!) Discover what you like doing the most, and do it.

3. Have friends. Good ones. Get rid of those who are only available when they need you, and those who judge you all the time. Tip to make friends is to share your stories. People return the favor by telling theirs. This in return would create a strong bond between you two. Probably, you will end up having more friends, and they will be one of the reasons why you can love yourself.

4. Don’t care about what people think, only you know yourself the longest. You know who you are, and why you are that way. Plus, those who matter don’t mind and those who mind do not matter (old quote, but you’ve got to understand the words of the wise).
5. Say no. Because you do what you really want to. Note #2 (Sometimes, its social courtesy. You do not want to be called a douchebag. Do you?)
6. Be nice to strangers. In a day you meet many! Prerequisite: get out of your house. Dude, of course! Why should I clear everything? *sigh*. They are the few people you help, and not expect anything in return because you are never going to meet them again anyways. Still, you will feel very nice about yourself. If that lady is honking continuously, ask the car driver ahead of her, who is blocking her way, to get aside. If the guy is crying (rare sight… err… fine… no sight… but previous was for woman so I don’t want to be known a ‘feminist bitch’) go and ask him what’s the matter. He won’t tell you (unless you are a pretty girl with nice boobs) but it would be nice to share water, or a few convincing words that everything’s going to be alright.

7. Know about yourself. You get a lot of time to think about yourself – not in a self-centered way though. Write a list about things you are insecure of, your flaws and your positive traits (if you find one). Write what you want to achieve, your aims ( I heard this girl wanted to be a vampire, and a guy that he wanted to be a Batman! I am talking about more realistic stuff here). Start working towards them. If you don’t really know then just start with what you do not want. It will be easier that way.

8. Start Grooming yourself.


Respect yourself. Listen to your instincts. And believe that what you decided will do you good. Smile. Have patience. Be confident. If you do not love yourself. Nobody else would. This may take a lot of time. But this is what you need. There is no one who can make you happy buy you. Start with yourself, and the world will appear happier to you.

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