Indian Schools Should Stop Being Factories For Higher Education

A very wise man named Neil Gaiman once said, “They don’t teach you anything worth knowing in schools.”  He was right except maybe the things that we do learn, like abusive words, picking a fight, making a “scene’’, which later do come in handy when we grow up. However, I too, like him, have been making a list of things that they don’t teach in Indian schools which could have totally changed the way we grew up.

Here are the things Indian schools should be teaching, but they don’t:

Thou shalt read Shakespeare 

shakespeareChildren don’t know how to read Shakespeare but neither do the adults. The schools should have made us read Shakespeare, Anon and other great authors ever since we were kids. We are too focused on knowing whether ‘e’ comes before ‘I’ or not. Reading doesn’t come naturally to us and neither does it come forcefully. We grow up converting sentences in our minds first, constructing them later. Of course it happens because maybe this isn’t our first language (not like we nail it when it comes to Hindi), but reading the great authors could have definitely made us better. They should be opting for a foreign language too so long as the English is taken care of. We imitate foreign schools in a lot of ways like their lifestyle, their standard of living, their ‘let’s-see-who-gets-to-the-second-base-first’ amongst other things. We forget to imitate the good things they do because they read books like ‘The Lord of the rings’ in high school whereas some of us still have no clue about it.

The Sport’ing spirit

We fall short in sports. The athletes that we have in our country are not into sports because their schools encouraged it. That is never the case. 65% schools in India don’t support sports in schools as much as they should. So, even if someone has the skill and talent for it, they can wrap it behind those heavy uniforms. And that reminds me, why uniforms? I don’t get the concept of wearing the same stuff every day. It’s one thing to get a sense of belongingness out of it, but another to look like a total dork. I can even make peace with that, but just why does one have to tie their hair in a certain way to school? It is hard enough to get up and go to schools in the morning when the rest of the family is sleeping like a baby. Don’t they know the struggle and the guts that it takes to get up and go to school on a rainy day?

Indian Traditions

Also, why is Indian culture and tradition not included in the syllabus? The mythologies that we take so much pride in are not mentioned once. Maybe because the government thinks that children won’t be able to logically accept that Karna was born when his mother slept with the SUN. C’mon! The students left logic way behind when Trigonometry was introduced to them. I think they’ll be fine.

Going Healthy and Hygienic

I think everyone who has gone past the age of school can agree with me when I say that sanity cannot be maintained in the four walls of school considering how crazy it is, but what about sanitization? Tell me there are better way to flush the toilet and wash the pukes! We don’t need any more crazies than we already have. Schools care less and less about health issues. Now, I’m talking about private schools. One can only imagine what students have to go through in the government schools. The food options should be made healthy, and fruits and vegetables should be included. Those vada pavs cost us our breath after recess when everybody targeted the poor kid in the back who somehow got famous because of his farts. It is about time they told us that when we grow up and gain weight, that we are going to be up for the joke of the millennium. They should be taking whatever little P. T. they teach, seriously and stop from letting that lecture be a proxy anymore.

Discrimination? Huh!

I think a lot of who we are comes from how we are raised. Apart from education, there is a lot that we learn in school. This is why, we should be taught from the beginning, the importance of gender equality. The teachers, instead of teaching us that a boy and girl shouldn’t be sitting together *frowns*, should be teaching us how to respect the opposite gender and should probably not laugh at the end of that sentence.

Arts, Arts and more Arts

Arts-and-theatreOther major activities that are not mainstream but equally important should be brought in the schools. Something like theatre maybe. It is about time the schools included it along with the singing and dancing stuffs. Didn’t we all have a hidden actor inside us that got out only when we didn’t want to go to school? Damn right, we did! So, let’s make sure we don’t rob the Gen –Y of it.

Let the sensibility prevail!

There should be equal opportunity for everyone in the schools. Teachers should leave their imbecile and unprofessional idiocy at home, because their partial nature sometimes scars people’s childhood in a way that they can’t even imagine. No wonder so many people lash out on the 5th of September. This unresolved anger from the childhood sometimes stays forever.

Also, I think group projects, roll numbers and seating arrangements should be decided on random basis. The religion and race that we fight for should be changed from the scratch. Unlike the teachers ranking the roll-numbers alphabetically, they should be doing it in a way that people of different caste and religion get to be next to one another, to promote diversity. Nobody wants the ’50 Sharmas’ of the class sitting together and form a Rajasthani sammellan.

With the world coming closer and education being the top priority, Indian schools really need to step up their game as soon as possible. We all hate schools but maybe taking these change into considerations, the government can make us hate it a little less.

I’m sure after reading this article you can imagine how terrible my school must have been. I got out fine, nonetheless. ☺

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