Is our Brain only Ours?

BrainHow often have you seen a person change? How often have you changed according to the place you are living in? We all know the answers to these question. Yes. We all have been in a situation where seeing a person change has shocked us completely. And that raises the most elementary question. Is our Brain only ours? Or Does the society shape it according to its need?

Have you ever heard the saying “If he had any brains, he would be dangerous!” This statement is kinda true and stupid at the same time. Everyone has a brain, the impact is created by how we use it. And yes brain can be a dangerous thing if used wrong. But again, we are bound by our circumstances. If a society looks crazy, it’s because the people in that society are crazy and that is all written in the history books. The things that people have dreamt up since the dawn of civilisation has made people think only about “I” than “us”. That makes the poor poorer and thus a spark is ignited which leads to an ever lasting fire. This single change goes on through the society and thus spreads like an epidemic. And hence the society becomes crazy. People who are born in this society following this are already in a trap with little chance of escape. It would be apt to say, we have a collective personality. A collective brain. We think what we are made to think, we see what we are made to see.

We have different parts of brain that performs different functions. We are born with few reactionary functions. Some of us don’t like loud noises and many different instincts based on our genes. When we are born, we don’t know the difference between what we see. We see everything to be the same, be it our mom, dad or anything as a matter of fact. As we grow up, we perceive different things as reality and we grow up to be a part of it. We learn different things, grasping everything that comes to us.

After this part, we are just putting final touch to our personality and figuring out how to get along with our society, its needs and its requirements. In our teenage years, we are mostly working on the development of our physical bodies. After that, we tend to make some final adjustments in our personality which most of us carry forward. The society yet again plays a major part in this. We make up role models according to the society we are in. If you are stuck in a gangster society, your role model will be a bigger gangster and hence the chain follows without anyone stopping it.

If a rapist talks about women being the lower race and restricting them of their freedom, it’s because they have seen the society that way. They are blinded by the facts of their society and hence their narrow mindedness reflects their living standards. This is a much bigger problem here. They don’t even know if they are wrong. They have never seen the other “right” and hence the only solution to this would be making their society better and working on creating a better breed of human beings.

As the famous saying goes:

If you hang out with Chickens, You are going to cluck, and if you hang out with Eagles, you are going to fly

We are only bound by the society we are living in. Our mind is not actually our mind. It is governed by factors more than we can imagine. Our mind is shaped by the society we are living in and hence if we want to eradicate the evils from our grand society, we should look above killing each evil we come across. We need to change the root here. We need to change their surrounding and give them a light of hope which they have never seen. This process could be slow but eventually we would be creating a better tomorrow.

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