Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh – Movie Review

A well-made thriller holds the power of changing your perspective towards life. They bring down the bubble that you have made around yourself, forcing to you to see the possibilities that you, never in your life, would have imagined. A good thriller is one that keeps you glued to your seat, yet on the edge of it. While a bad one might make you fall asleep right in the middle of it. But how do we judge if it’s good or bad? The one which makes you connect to the character, gets you into the eerie of the of every suspenseful scene and makes you jump at every twist is entitled to be a good thriller. If you don’t get any of these, it just turns out be a daily soap of 130 minutes.

With a heavy heart, I say that this is exactly what happened with Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh.

The movie is definitely not a sequel of the former one, but a stand-out piece of Sujoy Ghosh. Although the setting of the plot, the lead actress and the genre are the same, this one delivers a completely different story.

In the 2012 flick, we watched how a lady’s memories deliberately and significantly mislead her to the culprit. This made Sujoy Ghosh a proven genius. But if you have already seen the false flashback trick in the prequel, no matter how cinematically the director presents it, you will be able to predict it. For you want the sequel to be different and better, you will always keep the prequel in your mind. I feel that Ghosh had something in his mind, but he wasn’t able to successfully frame it on the silver screen. Ghosh’s main motive, always, is to play with his viewer’s heads. But this time, instead of being an eye opener, it makes you feel dizzy.

The movie, that delivers one twist after the other, becomes difficult to review without giving any spoilers. But I will try my best to keep it spoiler free.


The story revolves around Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan). Vidya lives with her wheelchair bound, barely speaking daughter, Mini (Tunisha Sharma) in Chandan Nagar, a small town in West Bengal. They are going to the United States to get Mini operated for her leg ailment. But Mini gets kidnapped and Vidya searching frantically for her daughter gets hit by a car.

Enter Inderjit (Arjun Rampal), a dapper cop who is assigned to handle Vidya’s case. Things get complicated when Inderjit finds Vidya strongly resembling with a lady named Durga. Soon, we get in a trail of flashbacks which is derived from Vidya’s diary. Which happens to be a perfectly sensible storytelling device and the film separates into two storylines.

There are certain characters that added with the flow of the stories.  Firstly, we have Inderjit’s comical boss (Kharaj Mukherjee). Then we meet Mini’s relatives, played by Jugal Hansraj and Amba Sanyal.

There are times when Kahaani 2 reminds you little of Kahaani. It seems as if Ghosh is trying to convince you that these films are a franchise, and that he ought to live up to our expectations. For we will be disheartened if the film dosn’t have any assassin, two cops and a moment of sheer melodrama. It isn’t that Ghosh didn’t have a fresh story to tell. Some sequences of the film could support a whole characteristic by themselves. But again, the time when the climax arrives, one can feel the pressure the director had to match up to Kahaani’s legendary climax.

The detailing of the movie is just as precise as it was four years ago. There’s a scene when Inderjit chases a fake passport supplier through his workplace and we catch a glimpse of art forgeries stacked in a room. The pace of the scenes hurries along the story. Kudos to the editing.

Vidya Balan looks beautiful in spite of playing the role of a harassed and tired lady, but the spark that was afew years ago is somewhat missing. Arjun Rampal’s not so dynamic performance turns out to be one of his bests.

In conclusion, Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh has a faded look, but it could be because of its dark subject matter. It’s a course of hyperactive 130 minutes. Still one doesn’t really connect with Vidya Sinha the way he did with Vidya Bagchi.

Our rating – 3/5

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