It’s Not Love If You Do Not Fit Into Any Of These Categories

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everyone is going all hearts and flowers. No matter how polluted the air may be, but at this point of the month most of us feel only the “love in the air“. So let’s salute all the lovers in all nooks and corners. Here is the roll of honour *drum roll*.

Barista Babies

He is 16 going on 17 and she is 14. His voice has just broken out and she is in skin-tight jeans with a little lace underwear poking out. They look deeply into each other’s eyes over a cup of coffee. Soon they will be writing notes on coasters, or uhm, napkins.

Dosa Darlings

They are slightly older and slightly poorer. Or shall I say struck by the thunder of Demonetisation? They eat lunch together, facing each other in a jam-packed South Indian restaurant, shyly peeking each other over idlis and sambhar. When they find that no one is looking, they hold hands.

Kathi Kissers

This is the non-vegetarian version of the above one. They are much bolder and stare each other hungrily while eating their Kathi Kebabs. And unlike the Dosa Darlings they sit on the same side of the table. When getting a chance, they give each other slight pecks.

Metro Mehboobs

These are lovers on the move. For they are actually in a moving metro, taking advantage of the crowd. Some of such kinds celebrate their love on the stations at non-peak hours. Far, far beneath the crowded city, away from the prying eyes of others, they frame up their love stories.

Last Row Lovers

You will find them in theatres near you. The best time to spot them is just as the movie reaches interval. Just turn around and you will be able to watch the action going on in the last row. I can not really tell you what exactly they will be doing but believe me it will be more interesting than the movie.

Park Partners

On the benches and on the grass, love plays itself out. His head on her lap, stolen kisses when they feel nobody is watching them. His hands moving that way when he’s looking this way. Ever wondered why the grass is so green always? Why the land is so Fertile? It’s the fertility of love, my friend.

Mall Majnus

Yesterday’s parks are today’s malls. The Mall Majnus have got their ‘Park Degrees’ and are now promoted to malls, where they pursue their post-graduation in Cuddle Technology.

Pipe Pyaaras

They have no money for any of the above but they have raw, rustic love. So whenever you pass a slum alongside a road, peek into the huge pipe lying nearby. You will definitely find a couple holding hands or doing all sorts of PDA.

Senior Sweethearts

They are the loveliest of all. They are both in their sixties, eating ice-creams together or taking a walk. Love shines in their eyes as it has shone in the previous forty years. Appreciate them, pass a smile to them, they actually deserve it.

So this season, let’s keep a count of these couples. Let the war begin!

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