Mellowdrone – Healthy Dope

One question, did you already hear it or not? Coz you are missing some real shit if you haven’t. Why, you ask? Oh, you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me. See, writing about Mellowdrone is like explaining the effects of an overdose of Mary Jane (err, for illiterates out there – “marijuana”), you can try, but you will always fail to express it with the right words. Like “jane”, it’s a feeling you experience while listening to them that you just can’t describe as well as you would want to. All you can do is get the right ambience, the right volume, put your head back, half closed eyes and just roll with the music baybay! Involuntary body reflex to the music is guaranteed.

A little background. Found by Jonathan Bates in late 90’s, the other members are Tony Dematteo and Brian Borg. And together, they create magic. Soulful, lo-fi, indie, alternate, and different. Each song has infinitely catchy melody and harmony. Jonathan brings with him the simple exposition in lyrics. Then, of course, there is his voice; at times like velvet, but he’s also fully capable of belting out a howl like an angry wolf. What sets them apart from the other bands of similar genre are Good lyrics + Better vocals + Great music = The Holy Trinity of Awesomeness. Mellowdrone is like sultry dance in music form. It will get you hooked on quicker than the best heroin out there. You will be “using” like never before, and it will be all good for your guts too. It will leave you higher than an Eifel tower stacked up on top of our desi Qutab Minar!

Now to the guitar and boom boom. Mellowdrone surpasses the music into a different space altogether with these instruments. The modifications are high, and the end result is that every song has a bit of a twist to it.  Raw sound, amazing vocals, modern techno, optimum bass and flowing melody are all amalgamated into one top notch potion and served cold. The kicks you get are comparable to Roberto Carlos’s angling free kicks. The music is black and spooky at times, sending an icy chill across the backbone.  Yet the darkness is lovable.

Recommendations? Pick up any song! Seriously, they are that good. For starters try – Lady in her underwear, Worse than yesterday, Button and then get down to the best stuff like Fashionably uninvited, And repeat, Limb to limb, Happy together, Bone marrow… and this can go on and on and on (you get the drift right?)

Enough said. Because nothing enough can be said. Listen and lose yourself in your own weird dream, perched up on a high vantage point having a bird’s eye view of awesomeness.

[box]Image lifted from Seriously guys, we love your music, don’t make us remove this shit![/box]

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