Michelle Obama : The Coolest FLOTUS USA Has Ever Had

Since, this year marks the end of the reign of coolest FLOTUS ever, we present to you five reasons why Mrs. Obama rocks. Yes, as the first lady of a powerful nation she has championed many causes, each equally important. But, those are not the reasons she has been labelled cool. Though she definitely gives us words to live by in her speeches. It is her answers like “none of the above,” when asked boxers or briefs for the President, that make her reachable and hip.


First things first, the lady is intelligent. I am not talking about run of the mill brains; she comes in the category of dudette-you-have-some-IQ! She skipped second grade, went to a school for the gifted and passed as the salutatorian of her class (that’s the second position peeps). Then she went ahead and graduated, mind you with distinction, from Princeton. A university which has a 6.5% acceptance rate. The cherry on the top is her degree from Harvard Law School. Yep, she is a lawyer.

Move it, Move it

Now to the important points. Renaissance, as the secret service calls her, knows her moves. She can dance with the best of them. Poise has its place, but there are times when you need to show a lighter image. Presenting exhibit A: her dance moves at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Don’t miss the side eye she gives on The Barack Obama move and her Jimmy Fallon move comeback.

Relationship Guru

The First Lady believes in the one stone, two birds motto. While advocating her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, she gave this relationship advice “if I worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute at your age, I wouldn’t be married to the President of the United States today”. She also encouraged teenage girls to compete and beat the boys. She was, as usual, on point.

Rock ‘N’ Roll

Ever heard of the adage work hard and play harder? Michelle does them together. Presenting exhibit B: The First Lady singing and dancing  to Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé. She can rap with Missy Elliott and promote the education of girls all at the same time. Ladies and gentleman, that was the most important lady of US belting out Signed, Sealed, Delivered in a car. It doesn’t get cooler than that.

Da Real MVP

“Support” that is one of the roles any FLOTUS plays. Be it to her family or for any campaign. Michelle Obama does it with panache. From her “just don’t screw it up, buddy!” to Obama at the DNC in 2004 to her fist bump when he won the presidency to her recent tweet “that’s my man! Your truth, dignity and grace reminds us what real leadership looks like. I am always proud of our @POTUS”. She embodies the definition of hip and fun. Presenting exhibit C: here she is along with POTUS supporting the Invictus Games.


You know Trump, the man who even disses the Pope and HuffPost has a disclaimer on? Even he can’t find fault in this incredible woman. The lady, despite her impressive array of achievements, always introduces herself as a mother foremost. How is that for being humble?

Now, for the icing on the cake –celebs she has bowled over are “Denzel, George Clooney, Will Smith, oh I could go on.” Truer words have never spoken.

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