Divya Dutta Owns Irada With Her Ace Performance – Our Review

Irada revolves around a retired army officer’s (Naseeruddin Shah) fight against the irresponsible administration in the state of  Punjab. Shattered by the untimely death of his only daughter after suffering from cancer, he sets out to the reason behind her illness. Upon investigating he finds out that many in Punjab are dying of Cancer being caused due to the contaminated water supply to towns. And thus starts the struggle of a man wronged by irresponsible administration of the nation he fought for. He decides to expose the scam between a pharmaceutical giant and state administration, all the while accompanied by an intelligence officer (Arshad Warsi). The story that follows is a string of the disturbing events and facts all leading to busting the scam.

Directed by Aparna Singh, Irada touches the right nerve. The movie is different with its concept. Very daftly it introduces the concept of environmental hazards and their impacts on human race. One might wait for the all enlightening background as to how these big companies are playing with innocent lives. It definitely attempts to enlighten the audience on the subject of chemical contamination, reverse boring and groundwater pollution. But that attempt falls way short of entrapping the intricacies of the Pharma industry and their way of working.

The movie tries to but fails to cash on the amazingly talented duo of seasoned actors, Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. They are remarkable in their characters, no doubt. But the actor who really stands out in all of this is Divya Dutta. A corrupt politician in the movie, she manages to portray the perfect versatility required for the role. She is pretty much famous for her powerhouse performances, is all ruthless and cruel in this one. She flows in the role like a pro with full conviction, once again. Her character is just very strong, and she justifies it. As a corrupt politician, she knows what she wants and how she wants it. The lady is just not ready to take “no” for an answer.

Sharad Kelkar as the antagonist is an unscrupulous business tycoon. His is a surprise performance for the audience. Thus, not so surprisingly, he is the perfect choice for the role.  It is also wonderful to see the not-so-old in the industry actor Sagarika Ghatge in a meaty role after such a long time. And she does justice to her part. Not a single actor has left any gaps in their performance delivery. That is the only thing that supports the movie.

But, what actually plays against the movie is the half-hearted writing and ill planned execution. The cast triumphs the director’s vision. The treatment of the subject is very haphazard. One actually feels the agony when the cancer cases are brought into the picture to convey the wickedness and the crisis people face. But on the other hand, the film bores you with its repetitive character sketches and inconsistent screenplay. On one side if it is a treat to watch Shah and Warsi, the two song montages are annoying and the execution of the film leave the audience stone cold. So much says unsaid and undone in the movie that the Irada of Irada stays unclear.

Our Verdict- 2.5/5

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