Nice Guys Finish Last

nice-guyFinally, you have finished your high school and you are too damn excited for College. Who wouldn’t be? A totally new environment outside home where you can finally be the cool guy, date hot girls and enjoy the most of it. No don’t get too excited. The real part starts from here.

You are in college finally. You meet this super cute girl who luckily is in your class too. You start talking to her, you get to to know her and you want to ask her out, but you never had the courage to do this. You wait for the right time until the day you find out she is dating some douche bag. What’s wrong with her? How can she date a guy like him when I was so nice to her. Or maybe that’s the problem!! And one fine day, you hear this:

Nice guys finish last,
That’s why I’ll treat you like trash,
It’s not what I really wanna do
But, you only date bad guys so,
I’ll give it my best try to,
Treat you the way you want me to

Everyone knows this. Nice guys finish last. Be it office or relationship or elsewhere. They always do. But why? We are always taught right from our childhood to act nice. And when we do, we become a loser. That just doesn’t sound right. Something must be wrong. Let’s take a look.

So what makes a guy nice? A Nice guy is considerate. He is warm, treats you with respect, prioritize kindness, he is predictable and most importantly he is boring. You can predict what he is going to do next and hence leaves the excitement at trail.

But when it comes to romantic relationship, women want their guy to be bold, strong, confident and sexy which showcases high testosterone level in them and hence more attraction by pumping up their hormones. However in our realistic world, being nice means weak, boring, emotionally sensitive and that goes against your favour.

So here are some tips to shed that “nice guy” stereotype:

1. Know what’s the difference between being nice and being wanted.
2. Don’t agree with everything she says. She asked you because she wanted your opinion. You possibly don’t have to agree to her.
3. Lift up the toilet seat before you pee. Oh sorry, wrong list. My bad.
4. Be Yourself. Don’t try to become like the guy she is dating. You will be stuck in the middle that way.
5. Continue being Nice but draw a line as to what you want and expect.

P.S: These points are not to be taken seriously. The writer doesn’t claim any of these to be true. He still is suffering from being single.

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