Oceansize: Music For The Soul

OceansizeSoon as someone says heavy music, the mind automatically pictures a few metalheads on the stage. Growling, headbanging, not making a shard of sense. The mind may even picture somebody with face paint and long hair shredding the fuck out of their guitar with bleeding fingers and hunched up posture.

Soon as someone says soothing lyrics, the mind pictures an old man sitting with his acoustic guitar playing a few chords and singing in a deep, melancholy voice. The mind does not relate the word ‘soothing’ with heavy music. This is exactly why our mind is called the greatest trickster.

What comes to the mind when someone says ‘Oceansize’? Nothing, really. Nothing comes to the mind. Perhaps this is why Oceansize is one of the most underrated rock bands out there. Oceansize plays progressive rock, or as is affectionately called by fans worldwide, prog rock. Characterized by music that will fill up your soul and make your body sway, and lyrics that will make you feel. Named after a hit Jane’s Addiction song, the band, characteristically, is nothing like the song. Always so mellow, always on point, always fulfilling.

If there is one word to describe music of this sort, it’s ‘heavenly’. Listen to the songs and you’ll know for your own.

Long Forgotten

Close your eyes and listen to this song. Let it fill you up. Feel the lyrics and flow away with the rhythm. There’s nothing better that you would want to listen to on a rainy night, or a long walk, or gazing into the space. And with some, this song hits the bull’s eye. It does. How can words so simple mean so beautiful. How can a voice so silent tear through your heart. And oh, the intro on violin. The intro. How many times have you heard a prog rock band using a violin, that too this skillfully.

One Day All This Could Be Yours

This song starts like a horror story. So subtle, so vicious, so mean. Yet so peaceful. And when the vocals kick in, they soothe your insides. Listen to this song and get lost in the prog mood. The chorus is hypnotizing to say the least. Oceansize kills it with this one. The intro and oh the words. There has never been a more under appreciated band.

Women Who Love Men Who Love Drugs

This song is not as much about lyrics as it is about music. So heavy yet so soothing. A dreamy drum beat in the background and the occasional guitar riff along with a constant guitar ringing. This song is pure bliss.

Music For A Nurse

Oh lord! This song slows time down. Around you, things are happening so fast. Everything just passing by. But you’re left in a trance, because this song fills you up. If meditation could be recorded, it would be called Music For A Nurse. Reading the lyrics, you cannot but feel for the author. The pain he must’ve been through, the ordeal he must have suffered. Yet he sings like an angel. Yet he makes his pain feel like a blessing. The music, again, hits you smack where it feels. If music itself had emotions, you could be sure this would be its favourite track.

While bands like Tool and Porcupine Tree have created a deep impact on the listener and progressive music, it’s this band, Oceansize whose eclectic music sound has produced something that has no alternative to it. It has carved its own niche in the genre lead by great bands. While it’s true that they have split up, their music still brings fans on their knees. Their music is as calm and as huge as the ocean. Oceansize.

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