You Just Cannot Say Ok Jaanu – A Movie Review

From the director of hit movie Sathiya, packed with A.R. Rehman’s music, comes yet anther Romantic Drama with a twist of reality – OK Jaanu. With good actors like Shraddha Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah in the lead, the movie was awaited by Ashiqui 2 and A.R. Rehman music fans alike. Shraddha plays an architect school student Tara, whereas Aditya Roy plays genius game designer Adi. Both the characters are our present day 20 something youngsters looking to make it big, but outside of India. Tara plans to go to Paris whereas Adi is all set to live his American dream.

The movie is about the relationship between Tara and Adi after they meet at a friend’s wedding. They meet, exchange numbers and this leads to conversations about how both do not believe in marriage or love. And quiet naturally like romances these days, the protagonists decide to be with each other with no commitment what-so-ever. The director in another attempt to take a dig at modern day romance gives us a lot of scoring with least of strings attached.

However midway Adi starts catching up on the concept of Love. This becomes possible because of the old couple (Naseeruddin, and wife Leela Samson who suffers from Alzheimer’s), he lives with. Their everyday little nothings shared together makes Adi conscious of the sweet side of love. Going forward in thier own relationship (or not so much) Adi and Tara decide to live together.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this right there is the Humma song, shot in a lodge. Nostalgia kicks in with the familiar music and lyrics of the song. But then the nostalgia settles right back once Badshah throws in his not-so-savvy wrap in the middle of nowhere. All this while they are falling in love while living it up.

Meanwhile, the couple’s guardians decide to fix their marriage after figuring out that they have been living together. But oh no, these guys do not want to get married, because you know, it is a faux concept. So they are now to decide between the choice of love or career. Both of them very practically choose career and decide to ‘live life full size’ for the next 10 days before they leave the country.

However, soon they realise that love is mighty important and thus getting married is also by derivative property of the equation. So they get married before leaving the country trying to get the best of both the worlds – Love and Career. (WHAT?!). And this is one more time when the movie loses track from what it had set out to relay. If the idea was to show that there is a solution to this modern drama of ‘love or career’, this little will love you and still do my own thing solution would not work anyway. All in all the chemistry between the actors is good but the movie is misses to touch the audience’s heart. The obvious comparison with Sathiya creeps in somewhere in between.

The movie moves at a slow pace and is totally predictable at some places. It seems to lacks creativity, good writing, and the dialogue delivery it seemed to carry in promos. While both the actors manage to score in the movie (pun intended), they lack the flow and no amount of good clothes make up for that. Somehow the director does not seem to do justice to the actors with these half cooked half believable characters.

Junior artists are not used to the optimum and after a while the intermission seems like a sweet retreat. The movie though the consisting of the dream Ratnam – Rehman combo really misses on all the fine points of audience appeasement.

Our Verdict: 2/5.

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