Know Yourself: A List Of Legit Psychological Tests

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, Psychology?

Telepathy? A creepy psychiatrist tinkering with instruments? A counsellor sitting behind a desk? A numerous images and notions that may come to your mind. But is Psychology just limited to all these? But, I can assure you it’s not. Psychology is so much more than most people’s assumptions.

As a student of Psychology myself, there has been countless times when someone would ask me to do their “profiling”. It is not unknown or uncommon for people to take online “psychological tests”. But are these tests legit? Sadly, most of them are not. So how would a person differentiate between which of these tests is original and which is not? Fret not my humble reader! Here’s a list of standardized tests that you can take online for gauging your different psychological attributes:

1. Stress:

According to Psychology stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. It also states that there are two types of stress. Bad stress i.e. Distress, harms us but on the other side, Good stress i.e. the Eustress is rather beneficial for us. Click here to take the Stress test, developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales (Australia), in the sub-heading.

2. Personality:

The word ‘Personality’ comes from the Latin word Persona, referring to the masks worn by actors in Roman theatre. The word personality itself refers to the set of individual differences that are affected by the environmental factors surrounding an individual: values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills. Click here to take the famous personality test developed by an eminent Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung.

3. Perception:

We all know and understand the meaning of perception. It’s the way in which we regard, understand and interpret something. Do you want to know the way you perceive the world around you? Click here to take the Perception test! The Rorschach Inkblot test, was developed by another very famous Swiss psychologist, Hermann Rorschach.

4. Aptitude or Career:

Aptitude refers to an individual’s underlying potential for acquiring skills. These tests are useful to predict what an individual will be able to do if a given proper environment and training. These tests are widely in use by individuals across the globe to determine the kind of fields or careers they will prosper in. Click here to take the test and hopefully ( in case you haven’t) you’ll also find out!

5. Intelligence:

Needless to say your Intelligence Quotient or IQ determines how well you are and will continue to survive in this complex world. There must have been times when someone might have stated that they are very “intelligent”. But what is intelligence? The Oxford dictionary defines it as the power of perceiving, learning, understanding and knowing. So, don’t go about believing what the society defines your intelligence as. Click here to take the IQ test and find for yourself. This test was developed by John C. Raven.

6. Depression:

Psychology says that depression, in itself, is both a symptom and a disorder. Most of the online tests that you’ll find measure depression but the actual problematic issue is a Depressive disorder. It comes in various forms from major depression to Seasonal Affect Disorder to Bipolar disorders and so on. Nowadays, people have started romanticizing depression. Depression is a major issue and not something to be used as a means to fetch sympathy and pity. Click here to try a general depression test.

7. Temperament:

Temperament refers to various aspects of a person’s personality, such as introversion and extroversion, which are often regarded as innate rather than learned. Since one’s temperament is their nature, it tends to permanently affect their behaviour. Click here to know your temperament regarding the world in general.


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