Reasons behind the name – Krissh 3

There is a lot of fuss about Krissh’s sequel being Krissh 3. At the same time, Jaadu has been seen protesting about him not getting cast in the movie on Mars; and that proves one more thing that, NASA has many more things to do than capturing India’s images during Diwali.

In an interview with aliens, Deepak Chaurasiya noted that aliens are extremely worried about Indians coming to Mars, because Indians are likely to have Krissh 3’s music in their playlist, and some of the wannabes even will play Krissh 3 songs on loud speaker here … which might result in colossal massacre of Mars’ population. Meanwhile, Hrithik and Priyanka are busy promoting their movie in every cheap way possible on Earth. But, the reason behind the name ‘Krissh 3’ still have not been revealed.


Here, I present my version of reasons behind the name:

1. 3 is exactly the number of people who liked the movie, including Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan. There are actually 4 people who liked the movie, but Jaadu disliked it and the minus marking policy makes it 3.

2. 3 is just 1 count more than the number of fail celebrities who have been cast in the movie. Yes, you know the names.

3. 3 is the number of people who liked Krissh 3’s music, including Rajesh Roshan. hrithik-jadoo-krrish-3-music

4. Krissh 3 is a prequel of Krissh 2 which will release in 2020 … the script of which is already under work by Chetan Bhagat.

5. Rakesh Roshan wanted to give 1 more reason to hate Bollywood.

6. 3 is the number of expressions Vivek Oberoi gave in the entire movie, probably. Or less maybe. Meanwhile, Vivek Oberoi has also liked ‘Krissh 3 official page’ on Facebook and the story is likely to take u-turn.

7. Krissh is the 3rd Indian superhero after Shaktiman and Ra.One.

8. 3 is the cumulative sum of the number of scenes in which Priyanka Chopra has not faked an accent and/or overacted.

These are the reasons I can think of. Well, there must be many more if you observe and analyze. Tell us about them in the comments section below, and we may compile and publish them!

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