Return Of Nokia 3310 – The Baap Is Back

Nokia was a company that dominated the entire mobile phone industry till the mid decade of 2000 and was nothing less than a sensation back in the days. It was as if Nokia could not be defeated in the mobile phone industry. However, it was ultimately defeated due to its slow adaptation to the change of technological trends in the industry after the introduction of the smart phones in the mid 2000’s. While at its peak it did come up with some ground breaking handsets. These included Nokia 3310, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1100, Nokia 6600 and many more. The news that Nokia is relaunching its 3310 model is worth celebration. Here’s why… 

Features Of Nokia 3310 : Keep It Simple!

Nokia 3310 is from the age of simplicity. Its from the time when phones were just phones and did not interfere in the life of its owner. The best features of Nokia 3310 is its simple user interface with  “Physical buttons”. This one feature is more than just enough to bring back a lot of nostalgic memories. The most sought after feature of any Nokia phone from the past was their durability and Nokia 3310 was nothing less than a piece of iron bar! People are still posting videos on YouTube boasting about its durability such as dropping the Nokia phones from terrace, helicopter, from a running vehicle and many more. Moreover you don’t even have to charge this phone everyday.

Who Is This Phone For?

This phone is definitely not for tech enthusiasts who look for cutting edge technology in their handheld device. Its Nokia 3310, a blast from the past!! Nokia 3310 might be the very first mobile phone that was owned by your father or brother or may be the very first mobile phone to enter in your family. This phone is probably for collectors who want to seal a figment of the past of the mobile phone’s evolution. This phone is priced at Rs.4000 (EUR 59). May be you can gift this phone to your grandparents :P .

When Is It Coming?

HMD Global, the Finnish company that is using the Nokia brand name has now decided to re-launch the legendary Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 is scheduled to be launched at Nokia’s MWC 2017 event along side Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. So everyone buckle up, THE BAAP IS BACK !! *fans self*

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