Rise Above Blame Games And Religion, Religiously

It will not be an exaggeration to say that the entire world witnessed PM Narendra Modi’s Facebook’s Townhall visit. He is the only India PM who adapted to new technologies to effortlessly to the benefit of the nation. I admire our PM because unlike his predecessors, he is making a genuine effort to bring investors to India and generate more jobs. But back in India, and even in the U.S., his detractors are stuck in the never-ending wheel of religion, and caste. One of my friends had shared some anti-Modi banners put up in US ahead of his visit, all the banners targeted him for his ‘regressive’ and ‘non-secular’ attitude.

Here are some of the banners that my friend had uploaded on his facebook feed:

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The attack on our PM in another state is still less disappointing than the kind of hatred he gets in his own country. Detractors say Indian Prime Minister’s frequent foreign tours are a burden on taxpayers. But if he is able to lobby the international community to have faith in the Indian dream by spending a fraction of what his predecessors (or some state CM’s) spent, we say it is well worth it. Within a short span of one year, he has rejuvenated the Indian standing in the international community. Whether it be surge of FDI by 54% or a renewed international campaign for UN security council seat, PM Modi is making waves. He is the PM India was waiting for since a long long time.

Another pressing issue that the country has to deal with today is about religion and caste based politics. India has been divided on caste and religion since ages, and instead of educating people to be more open-minded and accept all religions, politicians and religious leaders are still playing the game of divide and rule. Every forum on social media or online news portal has at least one debate on religion. The media constantly shows the minorities as victims and Hindus as villains. In every social media forum, you would find most of the minority guys starting their sentence as – I am an Indian Muslim, and I support.

What happened at the time of Independence, how the states were divided on the basis of linguistic preferences and how the religious communities were divided and their hatred for one another was encouraged to secure vote banks cannot really be amended. One thought that education would probably change a lot of things. The youth will not discriminate on the basis of religion, race and caste and things might just improve for the better in the future. But power makes even the best of us corrupt. Dreams of being powerful made even the youth blind. Just to be popular and gain power, the youth, instead of fighting against factors like reservation, started promoting and demanding it. Everyone wants special reservation. Everyone wants special rights. Everything gets connected to religious communities and minority suppression.

The fact that the person specifies their religion shows how politicians are alienating minorities instead of aligning them with the country’s vision. We can’t change the politicians, but we can certainly change our mindset. Let’s rise above religion and caste reservations and work together for just one thing- development of our beautiful nation. India has a growing population of talented youth, it is necessary to provide them jobs. Religion will not feed our family or help us buy a house; it is employment that will help us do that. It would also help in curbing crime (that is my theory). So let’s turn a blind eye or go stone deaf to what politicians say and work hard to develop our nation.

Whether or not you like or support the PM, you cannot deny the fact that whatever he is doing for the nation (and not for any specific religious community solely) nobody else has done so far. And this is just the beginning. Looking at the results, it will not be wrong to say that the dream that once belonged to our Ex President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam of India 2020, our PM has certainly taken a step closer to fulfilling it. Whether or not he is successful, only time will tell. Till then, my support goes to him for his efforts and vision.

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