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India rock music against reservation

Over the last few decades Indian live music scene has evolved and liberalized for many of its metal, rock, blues, and bands of all hues!

Thanks to the rise in the number of music friendly pubs and hubs like blue frog, HRC , NH7 and popular college fests, Indian rock music is now bigger than ever, with some outstanding bands like Pentagram, Euphoria, MotherJane to name a few. There are however, some bands which are probably not as well known but equally or more talented. Here’s a list of five bands, which according to us are highly underrated and deserve a bigger audience and applause!


Who are we? In 2006 three lanky boys from Chennai stepped into the big bad world of rock music hoping to be on the cover page of RollingStone magazine some day.  The 24-year-old trio includes – T.T. Sriram on lead vocals and guitars, Satish Narayanan on bass and backing vocals and Tapass Naresh on drums.

They released their debut album Design in March 2010 and the second full length album Bring Out The Big Guns in February 2013. In an attempt to expand their fan base they released a video titled “Skrat In The Shed,” the video was shot and recorded at vocalist Sriram aka T.T.’s garage

What do we play? Their signature sound is Alternative Rock, influenced by the likes of ‘The Raconteurs, The Vines, Foo Fighters, White stripes and Led Zepplin.

In our own words “Our genre is fun rock”

Claim to fame? They opened for Iron Maiden. :O

This track: Samurai Badass


Who are we?

All hail the blues!
Soulmate is one of the first Blues band from India to acclaim international fame. Based out of Shillong, the band came together at the Umiam Roots Festival, Meghalaya in 2003. As sexy as her voice, Tipriti Kharbangar is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. She’s the original flower child. Rudy Wallang is a genius singer/songwriter. He has strong music roots and was initiated into music at a very early age. He is one of the pioneers of blues music in India having been a part of the blues rock acts, Great Society & Mojo.

What do we play? Generally blues with occasional jazz and soul.

In our own words:  “Blues is not just a genre, it’s a feeling you can never describe unless u sing it or play it and it takes a whole lotta living to make a blues song come alive. THAT’S THE BLUES FOR ME!”

“We didn’t choose the Blues…..the Blues chose us”!

Claim to Fame?  In the winters of 2007, Soulmate became the only Indian blues band to represent the country at the 23rd International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA. In 2011 they played in Washington DC at the Maximum India Festival. Both shows at the Kennedy Center were sold out.

This track:

The Bicycle Days

Who are we?  TBD is a 5 piece rock band comprising of Karthik Basker – Vocals , Rahul Ranganath on the Guitars ,  Ramanan Chandramoul also on Guitars,  Shek-  Bass and  Shreyas Dipali on the Drums.Their Music showcases a range of emotions and usually has strong themes of social commentary. Calamitunes is their debut ‘makeover’ album with 9 full length songs that are ‘experimental’, to say the least. Not something you and I could attempt to even hum maybe.

What do we play? Psy rock with a bit of alternative turn to it…Oh wait! I don’t think it can be classified so easily.  If classify we must then maybe a psychedelic alternative rock band.

This track: Conundrum

Lucid Recess

Who are we?  An alternative metal band from the beautiful land of Assam. Formed in April 2004, the band comprises of Amitabh Barooa – Vocals / Bass , Siddharth Barooa – Guitars / Backing Vocals and Partha Boro – Drums / Percussion.
Like most Indian bands, they started out by playing at various college festivals until the release of their first 7 song EP on 18th December 2007

What do we play?  Their music ranges from heavy alternative metal to slow rock ballads

Claim to fame? They prefer to write their own music and perform original sets. Simple awesome lyrics and catchy tunes about social causes, life and its meaning give a whole Holden Caulfield kind of feeling to their music.

This trackIf I could


Who are we?  A hardcore metal band from Mumbai, Scribe was formed in 2005. Band line- up includes: Prashant – Guitars, Akshay – Guitars, Vaas – Bass, Vishwesh – Vocals and Viru – Drums In 2006 they released their debut EP Have Hard. Will Core. The album Mark of Teja (2010) was named the Best Metal Album at various award ceremonies.
According to “ The album Mark of Teja- A tale of power and potatoes, Mark of Teja speaks of myths and mysteries beyond time and dominions. A tale so dark, that even Crime Master Gogo would run with his cape between his legs

What do we play? Hardcore metal

Claim to fame?  The band won the Independence Rock competition in 2007 After concluding a mini-tour of Norway, Scribe’s album, Mark Of Teja  (Grey & Saurian Records), was released in 2010 to much critical acclaim. In 2011, the band was nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award.

This trackI love Pav Bhaji

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