The Selfie Generation Is Not All Wrong. An Expressive Millennial’s View

Looking sharp is not something everyone is born with. But everyone can learn, perhaps. And most in the millennial generation have. The millennial generation is maybe the most hated till date, by elders, younger and peers alike. And when this generation gets a weapon to flaunt, it makes sure it rubs it in faces till the fad dissolves in thin air. It would not be inappropriate to label ‘Selfie’ as one such weapon.

Selfies and words of appreciation is what this generation venerates. “You look so pretty” or “you look handsome” as usual can sure make anyone’s day.  Looking your best at any given point of time during the day is the most important thing on this generations’ youngsters’ mind all day . We all want to look like reality stars or celebrities. We want the long hair, the puckered pout, the contoured nose and whatnot. And why is it then that these actions have become a nuisance? Or is too much blame being shifted on young people when they are not really all that bad?

As a millennial myself, I believe that selfies are not as dastardly as people opposing them portray to be. It is a comparatively new phenomenon. A new way to use technology that has existed for nearly two decades now. And the idea of any technological innovation is to let people enjoy, and ease their lives. If selfies force people to look sharp and remain on their best all the time, i do not see any harm in it.

I could be thinking aloud but maybe we could become a nation of crisp, on the point dressers. To the “older” generation who has its eyes on what’s ahead instead of their phones, the perception is today’s youngsters want to look like what they’re seeing on-screen. Hey, when did it become wrong to stay fit and hit the gym daily? And when was the last time they did not want to mimic their own celebrities?

Again, a loud thought, but perhaps selfies could force us into becoming a healthy nation. However, I will admit that our selfie-obsessed culture puts too much pressure on today’s young men and women to look a certain way, all lookalikes of each another. Every guy hitting the gym wants to look like a beefed up machine with multiple abs, biceps, triceps and so on. Similarly every other girl is following either Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra. Where is the variety? Why do we have to become robots toting one line of belief, even if it is just about fashion. And it is not limited to that. Selfies have, in a very lousy manner, promoted narcissism. If there is confidence on one side, youngsters are becoming equally narcissistic by the hour.

Narcissism  derives its origin from the greek myth of Narcissus, a handsome young man who falls in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. The situation today is not very different. Youngsters like me are missing more important pieces about values, caring, thinking and deciding because all our focus tends to go on so called looks, and just the physical looks.

But we tend to forget that in the real world, looks don’t always work their charm. Intelligence and smartness are perhaps as handy to sustain the growth one achieves on looks. The problem that originates further from this is the mess of digital narcissism. A generation which is so confident and gung-ho on social media platforms is surrounding itself with the absolute lack of self reliance in the real world. Which is not to say that fledgling have any lesser ideas. The thought, however, of not being accepted among peers bothers more young people now than ever.

So Yes, let’s say we are a little different than the previous generations. But then, which generation is not.

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