Shit Happened!!!

Ok, so I watched Delhi Belly. I really had to go and see what the hoopla was all about. Curiosity they say killed the cat, but this time the cat was rewarded.

This too happenes due to Delhi Belly. As the taglie says "Shit Happens!" Actually this was the reason the movie happened.

Delhi Belly, in simple terms defines the new standard of awesomeness for Indian Hindi Bollywood cinema.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about going  to watch it. Considering it has been directed by Abhinay Deo. He of the Game fame. Sadly, I saw that movie too (Does that make me a stalker?).
Anyway, coming back to Delhi Belly. As I said, it defines the awesomeness rules of this era. Kind of similar to what “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron” did for our ancestors, in a time, long long past.

Like all soon to be cult movies, Delhi Belly hits the bull’s eye many times:


100 Minutes for those with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Now this is something that many like me had been praying for. In this generation when most movies are torrented, and which are then watched from start to end in around 15 to 20

Reason #989034 why women can't reverse properly

minutes with a few clicks of the mouse (or Shift+right direction key if you use the VLC player), sitting in a theater, on not very comfortable seats is mostly for:

  •        Couples who needed a place to make out
  •        Masochists
  •        Sadists who take others along to watch them suffer
  •        Disillusioned people high on drugs
  •        Those who have been Lobotomized
  •        Yoga practitioners, practicing their patience and ability to remain calm and still

And along comes Delhi Belly, which in contrast to the thing it was named from, asks you to sit for only 100 odd minutes. So, you don’t have to play Angry Birds, munch a hole into your pocket, bite your nails, or any other thing to pass the time


Saigal Sings the Blues and other Wacky Hits

Saigal had became an Addict and went into depression after being forced into retirement. But he would soon do a 'Dada' in 2011

Remember the name. He of the nasal voice. The guy who made people scream during live concerts in the late 1940s and early 50s. Then came the Rafis and Kishores and RDs and SDs and he got a bit sidelined. But the legend struck right back at them with a chart topping blues number. Saigal is hot property again with the the song dedicated to water woes of Delhi. The movie has done where many movies have failed, it has relaunched the career graph of Saigal, and last I heard, many people are again downloading his old hits.

And its not just Saigal, but other wacky hits that include a certain Mr Bose, a Chudail and Shopkeepers from Karol Bagh asking Nakkadwallas to do disco.

The music sure is raking in enough moolah to make Ram Sampath sing “Ek Bangla Bane Nyara” in a nasal tone of course.


 Orange Juice

Apparently this flick can be a good study on ways to use the humble orange juice besides as a drink. For those who have seen the movie, orange juice will never be the same again. Too bad for the Minute Maid group.

100% Fresh 100% Real. Can be used at both ends

They will have to rethink strategies for Pulpy Orange, because the line “Contains Real Pulp” will certainly not be bringing in people.
Anyway, that is beside the point, orange juice can make a really good substitute for cleaning your ass:

  •      Orange contains citric acid that kills germs
  •      It has Vitamin C (Don’t know how it helps the rectum region)
  •      Remember that Orange Face Wash advertisements where they said that it helps the skin?
  •      And moreover, fruit cleaning is in. And you can use Real Orange to get Roughage for scrub


French government can screw off, the Burka is here to stay. It may be hot, sticky right now, but I am sure Amitabh Bachhan and Shah Rukh Khan will soon have a hair oil and a talcum powder that would make life in Burka a cool trip to the mountains

Expletives  Galore and 18+ Truly
The movie uses expletives unapologetically. And still refrains from crossing the ‘Crass’ line. Unlike the comedies that Sajid Khan has been dishing out lately, which attempt to be adult and 18+ but end up being in the list of things banned by the Geneva Convention.
The language is what you are likely to hear everyday in Delhi. From abuses to the photojournalist focusing the camera on a lady’s bosoms. Crazed up situations to the close up shot of a man’s hard on. Crotch scratching fried chicken to liquefied Poo. The movie stretches the genre like no other Indian movie has.


The Reporter Chick

Is it the hair cut or is it the intelligent look?

Poorna Jagannathan is HOT!!!….enough said
First Padma Lakshmi and now her……Damn! I have to move to a Southern Indian City

Overall, a movie that would remain a topic of discussion for a long time. It is a benchmark for other Indian movies now. Personally, I hated it(like I loved it)….please do take note of the use of brackets. Its I hated it but like I loved it in brackets…………………………………….
Ok, I will shut up now



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