Desperate Cry – Signs that you need to get a Life

Sitting in the office, buried under a thick book trying to read its tiny print I heard my senior call my name and he asked me “Are you mad? Why are you still here at 9:30 on a Friday night? Go back home.

That was when I realized that the weekend is upon me that I have no plans like any other weekend and this one will be as uneventful as Nargis Fakhri’s acting. It dawned upon me that there were signs all along. I have taken the pains to pen them down so that you can have a look and take timely action.


1) You are in the office working late
If on a Friday night, you are not in a hurry to leave the office, there is something wrong with you. I mean come on, Friday nights and Saturdays and maybe even the Sunday mornings are like the BEST part of the week. You’ve got to get your ass out.

2) You actually like being in the office
If you do not mind working late on a Friday night, maybe its time you understand that you are just one step away from that not-so-coveted ‘forever alone’ title and sitting in a tiny cubical is not going to get you a happening social life. And yes, you really need therapy if you are looking forward to working on Saturdays too.

3) You spend the weekend scrolling up and down your news feed on Facebook/Twitter
You know you scroll up and down your news feed at work, in college, in the loo, before sleeping and basically at ALL times. So why would you want to spend your weekend doing the same thing that annoys the hell out of you the entire week? Instead go out, meet up with friends, take a walk, read a book or anything other than Facebook.

4) Taking selfies just to upload it on Instagram
Okay, lets get this clear. Nobody wants to see your bathroom on Facebook and we still don’t wanna see it on Instagram with special effects. So if you want to click pictures, go out and click pictures of a million other other things but please: wasting a weekend in-front of your bathroom mirror trying to click pictures of yourself is precisely why you are pushed in to the ‘forever alone’ category.

Those are just a few saddest ways of wasting the awesomeness that weekends are. Here are a few tips on how week ends should be spent.

enjoy-your -weekend

1) Sleep and Eat
The best way of spending the weekend. Sleep till you eat. Eat till you sleep. Amen.

2) FooootBall!
You don’t have to go to fancy places to get this chiller drink. One pint of chilled beer and good company and hopefully a good football match on the TV and the weekend is well spent.

3) Cook
The best way to spend extra free time is to spend it eating and if you have any culinary talent at all, trust me the  most basic ingredients have the ability to be turned into something absolutely delicious. :’)

4) Movies/Books
Now as long as you aren’t going to watch gay porn (read as This Is Us) or something of that level, watching movies and eating butter popcorn is pure bliss. True story.

One thing we all must know, that weekends are special and are to be respected. Its the best time of the week and don;t waste it by doing stupid stuff. Its meant for lazing around and use it properly!

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