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DISCLAIMER: All illogical and faint-hearted women who are prone to screaming ‘sexism’ at the slightest hint of a logical criticism of some feminist issue – should refrain from reading this.

Whats worse than some of our moronic youngsters blindly aping West? The same morons actually feeling morally smug and superior after doing that. ‘Slutwalk’ falls under that very category. Personally, I have no problems with hot Delhi chicks walking in “slutty” clothes to register some protest crap or watever. Infact, I would exhort them to walk brisk. That will be one heavenly boucy sight!

The thing which riles me though is the concept behind it. The women behind it claim to represent all the Indian women. Besides, they are protesting against growing number of rape & eve-teasing cases. OK. Let me get this straight. You want to raise  awareness about the sad condition of Indian women by ACTUALLY organizing something called ‘slutwalk’ or ‘besharmi morcha’?  Those very Indian women – majority of whom who arent even allowed to step outside without a ghoongat / purdah? Its like saying that some girl may be a talentless moron but she will become CEO once she starts using Fair n Lovely. Worse, its like saying that Uday Chopra should be speaking at a seminar on quality acting (ok, it may not make any sense but this one, I just wanted to say that).

Frankly, if women want to have an equal status in society, they should immediately stop cosmetic shit like these and start focusing on logical solutions instead. Feminism is not a way to get back at men or be equal to men. Its something which advocates that women shouldnot be treated unfairly in society. And that happens with logical ideas, not ‘slutwalk’ which some women used just to be popular, be on TV and others used it to showcase their modernity.

Recently, there was a furore over Delhi Police Commissioner’s comments that women should not step out late w/o company of their friends / relatives. Isnt this a logical statement? Yes, he didnt really assure that police will do everything possible to curb the menace but still, this statement is logical in full. Wont you advice your near and dear ones to be safe at late night? And why girls only? Will any guy dare walk alone at late night at certain crime-infested places like areas around Noida / Greater Noida ? For the love of God, why cant these idiotic feminists focus over logic atleast once?

Many solutions such as castration of rapists, deploying undercover female police officers to punish eve-teasers etc have been advocated which should be debated upon and implemented. If the Govt drags its feet over these issues, walks / protests should be organised against THIS.  Prominent women like Kiran Bedi have been advocating similar measures since ages. She should be the one getting all attention, not slut-walkers.

I really wish that we stop thinking of cosmetic and quick-fix solutions which never work anyway. Till that happens, atleast make ‘slut-walkers’ walk really brisk, please?

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