Sreesanth and his future options

sree 2There are many unanswered questions like ‘Who let the dogs out?’, ‘Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai?’, but perhaps what is baffling the general common man of India is probably who put संत  in Sreesanth? (For the uninitiated or Ubercool, संत or ‘sant’ means ‘Saint’). Ya ya, the same IPL fiasco starring the towel. What I am really worried about the young lad is his future prospects. He surely can play his loved sport that fetched him so much respect disrespect but the scope is restricted to narrow gullies where the international players will be replaced by  scruffy kids with a snot bubble. We should learn the art of regressing from this noble संत.

Question is, what will Sreesanth do after getting this much awaited bail? There are gossips going around Bollywood that Sanjay Leela Bhansali may rope him in for the sequel of Saawariya. “The effortlessness with which he handled the towel is absolutely delightful and inexplicable at the same time”, Bhansali was heard saying in a party. Many analysts seriously believe that he will now put Ranbir Kapoor’s career in serious jeopardy as he has got the ‘moves’. Also he may have an alternate career option as an accountant or a note-checker in a bank like Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Catch me if you can’. It is indeed a difficult task to handle such wads of money. But our star Sreesanth managed to pull that task with grace of a ballet dancer. So commendable I tell you.

Bigg bossHe has also been approached by those very people instrumental in establishing the foundation of the careers of Vindoo Dara Singh, Monica Bedi and Siddharth Bhardwaj- BIG BOSS. With Salman Khan as the host, Sreesanth can also teach the actor on-stage some groovy dance moves. Probably he will give him a break in Bollywood just the way, Katrina Kaif got her place.

In our opinion, the best career option would be to enter towel business. He can start his own brand of luxury towel for the elites called Kamariyaa Towels-tumhari kamar tumhari pasand. It seems the spot-fixing fiasco has opened a whole new career path for Sreesanth. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Spot on! Wait….

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