These 5 Stars Overcame Difficult Times To Rise High

The life of a film star is glamorous. They get paid to visit exotic locations; they get to play different characters every day, wear colourful dresses and romance hot and pretty co-stars. The list of perks is long. Numerous fans wait for their autographs; the eye candy of the masses. But is it all that is to it? Many a time, on-screen characters are a lot different than the people who play them. In reality they are also normal people with normal lives, needs and emotions. Despite of them being normal like us, a lot of them have had hard time reaching where they are personally and professionally.

Many a stars have battled the habit of substance abuse and alcoholism. Some of them failed (like Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse). Others have hit rock bottom and bounced back. Just when the world thought they would never come back they climbed the ladder again to make their mark. These are the ones who are the real role models.

Superstar Rajinikanth

From a mediocre bus conductor Shivaji Rao, to becoming one of the most loved and idolised celebrities of the country, he has gone through a lot. He is known for his calm and down-to-earth attitude. But not many know that once he was an alcoholic during his struggling days as an actor. He was severely addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. I think that might have helped him in preparing for his first appearance in K.B movie Apoorva Ragangal, where he played a cancer patient. His eyes spoke a thousand words which his lips didn’t.

When he started signing movies he underwent emotional turmoil and is said to have battled depression. He was earning money but suddenly he was not happy.  He felt lost yes, our superstar. He faced problems like this even before he attained stardom and many even K.B scolded him profusely for being so laid-back but little did anyone know that he would overcome all his inner demons and will raise himself to a demi-god status loved and cherished by millions of fans all over the world.

That is thalaiva for you. Truly remarkable soul his life is a lesson that every dejected soul can take as an example and bounce back just like he did.

Robert Downey junior

Iron man attained fame quite early in his career with his boyish good-looks and charm. This is also when he started snorting cocaine and heroin. With the gravity of his addiction, many thought that it would end his career and he would end up dead one day. It had been so bad for him that he was caught running around naked, in his street. He was consumed with fear and loathing.

He successfully overcame all his addiction and is now sober. He openly talks about his drug addiction and serves as an inspiration for many.  Well he is truly the iron man in real life as well.

Mathew Perry

Chandler Bing

Mathew Perry known for his role as Chandler Bing, from the famous sitcom friends shot to fame with his witty portrayal and awesome one-liners. He battled addiction from 1997 -2001. He entered rehab twice for opiods, alcohol addiction and suffered from weight loss. He was once down with a severe stomach ache when a local doctor advised him to enter rehab again.

He is now sober and is the spokesperson for National association of Drug courts. Funny man’s life is not very funny after all. Indeed Mr Bing “What is life”, he would say “We screw it up and it screws us right up so you try to unscrew it.” Err u get the picture…

Oprah Winfrey

She is like the morning sunshine. Millions are inspired by her today and watch her show. However, even she was once addicted to crack while her boyfriend was a dealer. This was way before her rise to stardom.

She is clean now. She is said to be victim of abuse. She is one woman who constantly overcame all her misadventures and turned them to her own adventures; an inspiration for many. May the blessings of God be with her always.

Samuel L. Jackson


It is tough to imagine Samuel L. Jackson as a drug addict. After-all he played the uptight, never smiling law enforcer Nick fury. But the avengers star had his stint with booze, which he overcame and continues to steal the hearts of numerous fans.

This was in the beginning stages of his career. His father also passed away because of alcoholism. He shot to fame with his role in Jungle Fever as a crack addict. Well no wonder the performance was so real. His performance in Django unchained was probably the best of his career.

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