Sultan: Yet Another 100 Crore Blockbuster

Take a mega-budget, add our own darling Salman bhai, sprinkle a generous dose of Sylvestor Stallone style, a large dose of the ‘winner-takes-all girl’ spice and garnish with patriotism, and Wallah! You got the delicious concoction called Sultan.

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Sultan is a wonderful movie, only you need to watch it like a standard hindi, specially Salman movie. Leave your brains out of the multiplex and take your heart along. Salman seems to have got the pulse of the movie-goers after his first 100 Crore blockbuster, Dabangg. It is just what a fantasy movie should be, the hero can do anything and his girl is there just to be won over. She swoons, mystified over her boy, later husband, even if he is doing what she would hate him most, to be doing.

With the intelligence part done with, let us now enjoy our own Superman and be a true “Salman ka fan”. The movie starts with a flop free-style fighting mega event where the promoters’ gang, rather than the event, is sold out, as India is still “the country for cricket”. It takes the super-intelligent Parikshit Sahni to come out with the ultimate reason for the flop-show; there is no Indian face among the fighters smashing up the foreign faces. He tells his promoter son to go get Sultan, whose name his son doesn’t seem to know, even though Sultan is a ‘has-been’ Olympic Gold Medallist in wrestling and the son has been trying to promote  the Fight mega event for the last two years (Little surprise the show is a mega-failure).

Surprise, surprise, the son takes pop’s advice(!) and goes after the Olympic-medalist turned Water-works clerk Salman; is not impressed with the paunchy Sultan and proceeds to tell the same to his father just when a miracle happens, and he is deeply impressed. He tries to buy-off Sultan, who has a mega attitude and spurns off his advances and tells him to get lost.

After this a longish flash back, which is narrated by Salman’s best friend, Govind (played by Ananat Sharma). Here we get to know how Salman turns from an ordinary rowdy to a wrestler (from a nought and that too within a month), to a State wrestling Champion of Haryana (the story is set-up in Rewari, the town which has given the nation a number of Olympic wresting champs).

All this, because of the luscious Anushka Sharma who is a great wrestler herself with a dream to become the Olympic Gold Medallist. She won’t settle for any ordinary tramp but only for a great wrestler. Sultan’s journey to the Olympic Championship runs through an enjoyable song and dance sequence along with a lot of desi humor, a strong taunt by the girl, a touch of Sylvestor Stallone (The Italian Stallion minus the rambling stutter) Rocky Balboa style training, winning over the damsel by becoming the State Champion and a lot of smashing up the wrestlers. But before he can win at the subsequent World Championship, something goes wrong and Sultan loses his girl’s, (now his wife) heart. From here the movie travels to Sultan’s going on to become a champion in a different type of ball-game altogether, the Free Style Fighting and winning back his girl and after a lot of melodrama.

The movie is well-directed and well produced. Great acting showcased by Salman as Sultan and Anushka as Aarfa, whose character, despite being a national wrestling champ is like any normal girl who would go and shop her head off and deck up like a normal college girl.

Our Verdict

It is a pleasure as a one-time watch. Don’t get up when the credits start rolling in, stay till the characters go off the screen to enjoy your money’s full worth. We rate Salman bhai’s latest a 3.5/5.

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