Thank You Govinda And A Very Happy Birthday!

Govind Arun Ahuja, commonly known as Govinda, has been the ‘go to’ person for a lot of Indians. No, not in the dude can you help me with that girl kind of way. Rather more like we turn to his songs and dance the sadness away.

Govinda, aka Chichi, entered Bollywoodstry with a lead role in ‘Tan-Badan’. While ‘Love 86’ made him famous, ‘Hatya’ made the critics believe that this guy is here to stay. However, what made him rise to fame were his classic dance moves, brilliant sense of humour and killer dressing sense. Right from the start, Govinda has been known for these qualities.

Since his early stages in career to till this date, he has been (in)famous for his “weird” combinations in terms of clothes. However, we have always seen people trying to copy his style, recent being Ranveer Singh (No, I have nothing against him).

Like every actor, Govinda too has his share of fans. However, one thing that Govinda enjoys that other actors do not is that even though he is criticised, people still tend to copy his style. Each and every one of us has for sure at least once in our life tried to pull the ‘Akhiyon Se Goli Maare’. So on his birthday this year, we would like to make the best of this opportunity and thank Govinda.Thank you sir, for making us believe that no matter what hardship you go through there will always be peppy music to lift up our mood.

I have seen people bursting into laughter because they were apologized with the lyrics of “Haseena Maan Jaayegi”. I have seen middle aged ladies rejoicing and blushing when their husbands performed on “I love You Bol Daal” on anniversary parties. It is not only on the formal occasions that Govinda hits make the party going, but if you enter a college classroom or canteen, you will see the kids dancing on songs like “UP Vala Thumka” and cracking jokes related to “Kurta Phadke”.

Thank you, sir, for proving the confidence to us to be ourselves. From ‘Ganga’ of Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai to ‘Bhaskar’ in Partner, thank you for showing us how criticism can be taken in a positive way.

Dancing on Govinda’s songs has been the guilty pleasure. I asked one guy as to why he considers this as a guilty pleasure and he said, “Govinda has been made fun of for these things since long. So if I say that I like dancing on his songs, I will be judged by the cool people. However it is no lie that the amount of energy his songs fill in me is something that no other actor has been able to do by far”. Obviously he did not wish to be named.

When you see Govinda dancing you can see that he is at ease and is delighted to shake a leg. There is surely something about watching someone do something they enjoy that makes their performance even better. Similar is the case with Chichi, you see him flashing his grin and his glittering eyes while moving his kamar with ease. You surely do feel like doing the same.

We also need to thank Govinda for showing us what friendship and loyalty is all about. The pair of Govinda and David Dhawan started working around 1989 and have been delivering hit films since then. Even though the friendship did hit a rough patch, everyone knows about the bond that these two have shared. Another great friendship of Chichi is that with Salman Khan due to which they have delivered a lot of films together. Chichi has also done a lot of films with other actors and has always been known as the ‘go-to guy’ for all of these actors.

While we take lessons of kindness and good acting from other actors, today we bow our head down to this man. For Govinda for teaching us about being humble and yet doing what we wish to do because honestly.

Who cares about critics anyway?

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