The Underrated World Of Background Score

What makes a movie superhit? The script, of course. Strong performances, yes. Conviction in the storyline, duh! But one thing that often goes unnoticed, is the background score. Mind it, we’re talking about background scores and not songs on which the lead actors groove with a platoon of dancers in the background in colorful dresses. We’re talking real background scores. The music that adds to the whole cinematic experience and not just Yo Yo Honey Singh galloping around in his skirt-tshirt or Badshah rapping lazily on his sofa.

To give you a little more insight about the music that we’re talking about here, it would be the sort of music that Mozart would be proud of. Something that speaks to you. You don’t spend three hundred bucks to get into the movie hall to listen to a song which just takes the lead pair on a globetrotting spree. One shot in Copenhagen, one in Switzerland. No, you go there to get the whole cinematic experience. Sometimes you just go to see mean machines and cars flipping into the air. But that’s just something that we’re going to ignore. Something that we’re not going to ignore, and pay our dues right now is the Background Score! *dhun dhun dhunn*

If the name ‘Hans Zimmer’ means anything to you, you’re on the right track. He’s the man responsible for some great background scores. He’s not just a composer or a conductor, he has his own arena with his own musicians and own instruments. It’s the effects he creates and the richness of his grand orchestral music that set him apart. It’s the vacuum he creates that you can feel when his music is not there. Try watching a movie on mute and you’ll know.

And he’s not alone. There have been background scores, and there will be more that just elevate the movie to such a level that the movie and the song get bound to each other. The song becomes the soul and the movie becomes the effervescent body. Here are a few tracks that gave a whole new dimension to the movie.

Titanic – My Heart Will Go On

Show me one person who isn’t moved by this song and I’ll show you a Unicorn. Celine Dion’s vocals, the sheer lyrics and the simplistic music make this masterpiece of a movie a whole experience to be shared with a loved one. The picturisation, again, adds to the characters and the story. This is one song that generations will sing for millennia to serenade their significant other(s).

Rocky – Eye Of The Tiger

100 motivational speakers with 100 hours each of speech cannot motivate you as much as three minutes and fifty-eight seconds of this song do. If there is one song that can make a stone come alive and follow its passion, it’s this one. Handcrafted by Survivor, this song brings out the ferocious side in you that you didn’t know existed.

The Godfather – Speak Softly, Love

This is the music you’d want playing when you go out on a dinner with your significant other and want serenity and peace. You might sit and have dinner, or you might choose to dance with a special one, or you might also want to just lie down underneath the stars and gaze into the eyes of your beautiful soul mate; with this song playing in the background, you can be sure of having a lovely evening.

The Dark Knight – Aggressive Expansion

Few background scores, with no lyrics, become the identity of the movie. When you have Hans Zimmer on board for composing background music, you can be sure that a new identity will be created. If there was one person who could match Beethoven’s genius and Mozart’s boldness, it would be Hans Zimmer.

Harry Potter Theme

No other track would be this recognizable. Creating a fairytale from music, John Williams did a job so wonderful that the music got just as popular as the lead actors. Soon as this music plays anywhere, you know it’s Harry Potter. Such is the popularity of this track.

So when someone says Hollywood movies are better because there is no music in them, they couldn’t be more wrong. Hollywood movies are better because they know how to use music in the background.

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